Atlanta R&B Singer 3




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Atlanta R&B Singer 3

This Atlanta R&B Singer was born in Bronx, NY and is now residing in Atlanta, GA. She has caused great impact worldwide with her R&B, JAZZ, SOUL style.

Performing with her live band and touring world wide entertaining, singing, and writing is what she does! MUSIC is her true gift for her to share with the World!

Atlanta R&B Singer inspire

This Atlanta R&B Singer will inspire all true lovers of real music! Filling the void of the vocals of the grown women in the music industry such as Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker, and Alison Williams; she will instill the greatness of true music back into your Life, Heart, and Soul.

Sexy, Grown, R&B, JAZZ, SOUL SENSATION! Is what she is...ENJOY!

This Atlanta R&B Singer Has Brought Back The Grown Woman Music and Vocals That You've Been Missing!

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Country United States
City Atlanta
State/Province Georgia
Performer Type Musical Act

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