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French Pop Rock Band 1

This French Pop Rock Band was born after the meeting of two personality. This band is comprised of a singer and a drummer. The 2 musicians are also songwriters of the album 'Life Story".

French Pop Rock Band performance

When this French Pop Rock Band performs on stage, they perform with seven musicians to take you into their universe. It unites softness and rock energy (due to their different influences) which allow them to create their own identity and an unique sound. They control all stages of production (from the recording, to mixing, video and mastering).

French Pop Rock Band album

Their first album, called "Life Story" was born on May 15, 2013. Since that date, this French Pop Rock Band has had interviews for radios, press and TV all around the country and they prepare a tour for the year 2014, which will see them perform all throughout France and Europe.

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