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“Polish-style polka music at its finest.” That’s what describes this Flint Polka Band. The band started in July 1999 at an informal backyard Polish picnic. Since then, the band has been busy both in the studio and in public. Three recordings have been released nationally. The band has played places such as Comerica Park, The Detroit Opera House, and many festivals throughout Michigan.

“We’ll play a mix of songs from polka greats like Marion Lush, Happy Louie and Lil’ Wally, to original songs and even some songs from contemporary performers like Elvis Costello and The Barenaked Ladies.” This Flint Polka Band sings in both Polish and English and plays polish-style polkas, waltzes and obereks (a traditional dance similar to an up-tempo waltz).

Young and old alike can appreciate the band’s appeal. “We hope people who remember the great polka performers of the past will love our sound, and those who haven’t heard polkas before will get into it. Whether you’re dancing or just enjoying the music, polka music will put a smile on your face and keep your toes tapping.”

This summer, this Flint Polka Band is working on a new recording project. It will feature classic polkas, waltzes and obereks as well as a few contemporary-styled numbers. There will be surprise artists making guest appearances on the new recording.

This Flint Polka Band's has release its third album.

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Country United States
City Flint
State/Province Michigan

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