Australian Singing Waiters 1

  • Australian Singing Waiters 1
  • Australian Singing Waiters 1
  • Australian Singing Waiters 1
  • Australian Singing Waiters 1



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Australian Singing Waiters 1

Looking for Australian Singing Waiters with a Twist! Imagine the surprise on the faces of your guests at your corporate event when one of the waiters bursts into song and begins to serenade your guests while he or she waits on your tables. If that isn’t enough, a second Waiter or even the Chef, decides to vie for your attention getting the party jumping with some music from Meatloaf or Michael Jackson. These Australian Singing Waiters will not only blend in with your wait staff at your reception, but surprise and entertain your guests with a some of your favorite songs.

Australian Singing Waiters repertoire

From Broadway to Opera to Rock and Roll Classics, the choice of music is endless. With one, two or three performers of various disguises to add a musical element to your conference dinner or Wedding Reception. You can choose to have our Australian Singing Waiters perform unaccompanied or to pre-recorded backing tracks or live music.

"What sets us apart from all the others" depending on the function setting, your clients requirements and budget, you choose. * How many Singing Waiters? * The Singing Waiter (1 Singer) * Duelling Singing Waiters (2 Singers) * OperAntics (3 Singers) * Your choice of songs. * They then then tailor a performance package program to suit your theme.Set List includes: Shake your Tail Feather Blame it on the Boogie New York New York That’s Amore Nessun Dorma This is the Moment Sway It better be tonight Granada The way you look Tonight Funiculi Funicula The Prayer Time to say Goodbye Santa Lucia and many more….

Don't wait, hire these Australian Singing Waiters now!!!

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