Brian Ledbetter

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Brian Ledbetter

Brian Ledbetter’s interest in mystery entertainment was sparked at a very young age -- his very first memory in life was watching the Wizard of Oz when he was three years old, and everything about this classic film seemed magical to him - witches melting into the floor, flying monkeys, and dancing scarecrows! He was intrigued by the sense of wonder and the "how did they do that?" feeling the movie evoked within him. For as long as he can remember, he has had a desire to evoke that same feeling in others.

Brian Ledbetter got his start in showbiz by working in the theatre. He was cast in his first role at only 8 years old, and over the next decade, was in nearly two dozen plays, and is credited with several lead and title roles. At only 12 years old, he began performing his own shows professionally in his home town. At only 17 years old, the Society of American Magicians, one of the largest magic organizations in the world, named him "Star of Tomorrow."

Immediately upon graduating, Brian Ledbetter dove into showbiz head-first, performing full-time. His act has grown and developed over the years and can be seen regularly at casinos, colleges, corporate events, theme parks, fairs, and in theatres. Today he maintains a very full schedule performing 300-400 shows each and every year, all over the country. In the year 2017 -- within those 365 days -- he performed a record breaking 526 shows.

Brian Ledbetter shows

Read below to learn about the different types of magic Brian Ledbetter offers. There is sure to be type of magic that will be a perfect match for your situation!

Mingling Magic
Also known as Close-up Magic, this type of magic is performed just inches away from the spectators with small objects that they will recognize like cards and coins. In a way, this is the most baffling type of magic because it is performed right under your nose! Brian Ledbetter typically strolls from table to table or from small group to small group with this type of magic. Perfect during a dinner or during a social hour situation.

Cabaret Magic
This type of magic is larger than Mingling Magic and is performed before medium sized audiences. This show combines incredible magical effects, fun audience participation, with a generous splash of comedy making a memorable show that will never be forgotten! It can be aimed for children, adults, or the entire family. Cabaret Magic fits well into meeting rooms, night-clubs, and smaller banquet rooms.

Grand Illusion
This is larger style of magic that even the largest group can see and enjoy. This show features large-scale stage illusions, along with the comedy and Cabaret Magic he is so well known for. Brian Ledbetter is accompanied onstage by his cast of wonder workers and together they perform a fantastic high energy show with lots of glitz and flash! You see theatre, dance, drama, music, and of course incredible magic all melded together into one performance. This style of magic fits well into large banquet rooms, casinos, hotels, cruise-ships, theatres, and halls -- anywhere that has a large performing space.

Brian Ledbetter venues

The Magic of Brian Ledbetter can enhance any event and can play in any venue. Read below to learn how your good event can be made great, and how he can be at your service.

Private Parties
Magic can enhance any private party, whether it be a birthday for a 4 year old or a 104 year old, a barbeque, holiday party, or even a wedding. Imagine your guests wowed by Mingling Magic, or mesmerized by a Cabaret Show performed in your own living room!

Corporate Events
Magic can be perfectly fitted to enhance any corporate event: a holiday party, company picnic, product launch, etc. Parties and picnics featuring this magician will be remembered as the best ever, and product launches will be remembered as the most exciting! MagiCustomization is also available. MagiCustomization dictates that anything is possible -- even the company's new CEO magically appearing on stage! Brian Ledbetter is also available as an MC for larger events.

Large-scale theatrical Grand Illusion shows are a great way to draw the public into the casino. Whether it is a one time special event, or an ongoing continually playing show, it is sure to attract not only previously established patrons of the casino, but also newcomers. Aside from Grand Illusion shows designed to play in the large ballroom, smaller Comedy and Cabaret shows are available to play in the lounge.

Cruise Ships
Guests on ships will be baffled by Brian Ledbetter. Whether it is a large Grand Illusion show in the theatre, or a smaller Comedy and Cabaret show in the lounge, guests will love his magic, adding to their overall enjoyment of the cruise.

School Assemblies
For a solid message that students will remember far after the program is over, rely on his charming and charismatic personality, along with his natural knack for connecting with people, will guarantee a memorable and meaningful message students will take to heart. Programs are available for all ages: elementary school all the way through college. Call now to learn more about the different programs he has to offer.

Fairs and Festivals
It is available for all different types of events whether it is a small one-day festival, or a large week long fair. Many fair managers choose to invite him to run multiple performances per day, warranting large discounts. All types of magic can be successful at fairs and festivals: Mingling Magic, Cabaret Magic, and Grand Illusion. It makes a great main-stage attraction as well as a superb side-stage draw.

Theme Parks
It can become a great part of your park whether Brian Ledbetter is roaming the grounds with Mingling Magic, or he and his cast is performing a large-scale spectacular Grand Illusion show. Specialty shows can be specifically created for your park incorporating park themes, characters, and mascots.

Trade Shows
If you really want to see your new product take off, allow this artist to help draw people to your trade show booth with unique and exciting magic involving your product. People passing your booth are sure to stop and witness the magic, and will always remember your product, due to Brian Ledbetter unique presentation using magic.

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5 responses to “Brian Ledbetter”

  1. Chuck says:

    In my capacity as Lead Producer I had the opportunity to work very closely with [this magician] and was very pleased with [his] professionalism, willingness to provide the best product possible and overall cooperative demeanor. [His] shows were always very “slick” and controlled and always captivated and pleased the audience. Again, it is my pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of [this magician] and would highly recommend him to provide you with a “top notch” Magic Show! – Chuck Haley, Associate Creative Producer/ Casting Director, RWS and Associates

  2. Susan says:

    [This magician] is the most professional performer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Aside
    from his professionalism, he is a truly wonderful entertainer enjoyed by young and old alike. He
    broke the box office records for our theatre! – Susan Herrick, President, Skagit Arts Theatre

  3. D. Field says:

    He’s quite the showman! – D. Field, Manager, Tri-County Fair & Rodeo

  4. Steve says:

    If you are seeking a gifted performer whose professionalism and creativity is surpassed only by the evident passion for his craft, then look no further than [this magician]…we have multiple family shows and his magic show is rated number one in both attendance and response from our guests…If you are looking for a “How-did-he-do-that” show that will leave your audience wanting more, then I believe [he] is the man for the job. – Steve Honeycutt, General Manager, Magic Springs Theme and Water Park

  5. Patrick says:

    If you’re looking for a talented young entertainer who will work his tail off for you, to make your event a hit, make you look good, and give you the most bang for your budget, then you definitely need to book [this magician]” – Patrick Slusher, US Attractions, Olympia

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