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Birmingham Magician

This Birmingham Magician performed from the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the bars of Budapest. He is an Illusionist, Trickster and Magic Artist the world over. ​Renowned as England’s second city secret and tipped as one of the UK’s most innovative and up and coming young magicians, he first found magic during a trip to New York just over eight years ago.

Birmingham Magician clients

Now working across the West Midlands, London and entire UK, this Birmingham Magician's client list includes Coca Cola, Hotel Chocolat, The Resort Group, Royal Mail, Nestle, Heineken and Desperados Beer, having performed magic at several red carpet events, such as the 007: Skyfall Premiere and grand opening of the TK Maxx Flagship Store in Covent Garden. He was also featured in the Sunday Mercury and appeared as a magic consultant on TV for Discovery Channel’s documentary ‘My Naked Secret’ with celeb Psycho-dermatologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos.

Birmingham Magician style

Alikened to Street Magicians Dynamo and David Blaine, this Birmingham Magician's style is fast, fresh, and super-visual; creating new and impossible moments with cards, coins, iPhones, fire, ice… even static electricity. His close-up skills are ideal for private parties, corporate events, bars & nightclubs, exhibitions, road shows, weddings and PR stunts.

Put simply, people don’t forget about him. It’s not the things they see him do, but the way his magic makes them feel. Welcome to this Birmingham Magician… Magic Without Limits.

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6 responses to “Birmingham Magician 1”

  1. Peaches Geldoff says:

    “So, you swallowed my card and it ended up inside a banana. I hate bananas. That’s disgusting. How the hell did you do that!?“ – The late Peaches Geldoff @ TK Maxx Store Opening, Covent Garden

  2. Stan Lazaridis says:

    “A Birmingham Magician! It’s a pity I don’t live over here because i’d be hiring you! Exceptionally talented” – Stan Lazaridis, former Birmingham City & Australian Footballer

  3. Coca Cola says:

    “People were still talking about you at the bar all night – you are a legend in the making!” – Coca Cola @ 007: Skyfall Premiere

  4. Nick Tulloch says:

    “You are a Brummie Dynamo! I saw the look in their eyes, their souls were destroyed – you magic’d the S*#! out of them!” – Nick Tulloch, Director, WAYSA @ Generator Bar & Hostel, Copenhagen

  5. Ms. Dynamite says:

    “Oh. My. God.“ – Ms. Dynamite @ Sunborn Gibraltar

  6. Peter Shilton says:

    “The kid could have just asked for my signature the normal way, instead of making me sign a card and appearing it in a block of solid ice“ – Peter Shilton @ Shipston Football Club

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