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Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer

This Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer studied at the School of Ballet Municipal de Sao Paulo, ESI Dancers and was part of Cia Stable Promodança, directed by Jair Moraes. In Jazz, he had as a master choreographer Fernanda Chamma amongst others. In 1998, he joined the cast of Monica Maurício de Souza, acting in children's theater, staying for five years.

Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer performances

In 2001 this Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer was invited to attend the play "Amusements in natural sign" in theaters in DL - ECA - USP (SP), where he also performed at the International Theatre Festival in Cairo, Egypt. He served in the Musical " Dancin ' in 2002, "Fever" in 2003, "Ah ... If I Were Bob Fosse " in 2004, directed by Wolf Maya. From 2004 to 2007, he worked on international cruise ships in Europe, Africa, USA and the Caribbean.

Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer credits

This Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer attended courses at the Broadway Dance Center, Steps and Jair Open in New York, where he also appeared as a guest on "Castle Faces" in 2008. Back in Brazil, he participated in the musical " Protecting A Christmas Dream " in 2008, "Hair Spray" in 2009 (as assistant choreographer), "Cats" in 2010 and "La Cage aux Folles" in 2011 de Miguel Falabella (as swing and dance captain).

In July 2012 Course taught Musical at the 30th Dance Festival in Joinville. Participated in the 2012 International Congress of Jazz in Pittsburgh, USA. This Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer choreographed Musical Christmas Dreaming of a White Christmas with Cia Brazil Broadway, presented in Cuiabá.

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