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UK Opera Singer 1

Whether you’re planning a corporate dinner, family wedding or you simply require a high quality entertainer for an event you may be arranging then this UK Opera Singer promises that she will provide you with an unforgettable occasion.

If you’re looking for an ordinary UK Opera Singer, I’m probably not the singer for your event. If you would like to entertain your audience with a highly trained soprano who is equally at home singing more contemporary songs then she will appeal to anyone who attends your event.

UK Opera Singer studies

This UK Opera Singer studied at the University of St Andrews, where she sang and toured several European countries with St Salvator's Chapel Choir under the direction of Dr William Stevenson. It was here that she also performed at a concert in honour of several UN Heads of State – on the guest list was Nelson Mandela.

Her singing skills were further developed at the famous Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where she completed a post-graduate diploma in vocal studies, tutored by Miriam Bowen.

UK Opera Singer family

This UK Opera Singer is also a fifth generation member of her family to sing with one of the oldest choirs in the world, the Halifax Choral Society. She would love to hear what you think of her music.

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