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San Jose New Age Singer 1

This San Jose New Age Singer has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to her alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer.

She has been performing for years, and has been known to keep a cool low profile. At times drenched by the driving rains of adversity…With each blinding flash, this San Jose New Age Singer comes out like a wind that blows safely weathering the storm.

Some of her best writing is birthed through this adversity.
And the winds of love have covered this artist
like a balmy breeze that brings showers of blessing.

This San Jose New Age Singer vocals are like a sweet south air soothing your soul through places you roam. Her lyrics embrace a vast account of life experience and hope, waking hidden truths, sometimes hurts, that remind us of whom we are and where we are going.

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Country United States
City San Jose
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

8 responses to “San Jose New Age Singer 1”

  1. David says:

    “…Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done. Her natural talent and openness is refreshing during the uncertain times we live in. She is also a super-connector. If you want to meet someone amazing, look no further.” David Mauro, J.D.

  2. Cham says:

    “I have been listening to [this artist] sing her heart out for the last 15 years. Her music is truly uplifting and inspiring! She has a message that the world needs to hear and you will feel her heart and soul in every note and every line.” Pastor Scott Wagers – Cham Deliverance Ministry

  3. Gary says:

    “[She] lives and breathes music that tells of her deepest and most dear relationships with God’s truth, beauty and love. Being a willing and happy follower of her calling, [she] applies her broad talent while always performing at her best and most competent whether singing, producing or managing the business of music.” Gary Sanchez, Professional Photographer

  4. Vuk says:

    “[She] has a superb voice, very moving texts, and I simply adore her.” Vuk Vujosevic – Freelancer at The Little Art School “The Blue Bunny”

  5. Paul says:

    “[She] is a unique talent and consummate performer. Whether on stage, in a music video or in a small gathering of friends, when she picks up her guitar and opens her mouth to sing, she never disappoints.” Paul Joseph, Luiso Author of “Two Thieves”

  6. Warren says:

    “[She] is a creative force to be reckoned with..Her talent far exceeds its expectations and her music is a sheer delight. [She] has a very colorful and vivacious look at life and nothing can bring her down. Listen to her creations and you will agree.” – Warren Michaels owner at Patriotic Compositions

  7. Craig says:

    “[She] is a prolific songwriter who is able to navigate around many styles and colors of the musical palette. A joy to work with!” Craig Martin, Drums at Gundacker Project

  8. Vivi says:

    “[She] is a great and creative person. Her talent far exceeds expectations and her music is a sheer delight. I really love her live performances.” Vivi Pedraglio Beatmaker

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