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Germany Mariachi 2

Dressed in the traditional charro-suits and in the well known sombreros this Germany Mariachi will sing for you in all German cities as well as abroad, playing their original instruments such as the violin, the vihuela and the guitarron. They will play for you Boleros, Sones, Chachachas, Cumbias and all kinds of music from Mexico to Patagonia, straight from their hearts and with all the passion of the Latin-American mentality.

Germany Mariachi availability

This Germany Mariachi is available for all get-togethers, parties and events in hotels and all fairs in all the big cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, München and wherever you want them to entertain you. They are well known in restaurants and family gatherings all over the country.

When booking this Germany Mariachi, they will gladly meet your every wish. For bigger events they will add another violin as well as two trumpets.

The Mariachis are the heart and soul of Mexican folk music, their songs are sometimes very sentimental, sometimes very merry and sometimes melancholic, just the way the Mexican people are.

Germany Mariachi pride

This Germany Mariachi group is very proud and is comprised of passionate musicians, they sing of love and of longing, of passion and of happiness. Songs that are very popular in Germany, such as "Guantanamera" and "Besame Mucho" are a few examples of the wide range of their repertoire.

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