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England Mariachi 1

This England Mariachi is the UK's leading Mariachi band. Based in London, they are an authentic ensemble of professional Mexican musicians and singers also bringing together artists from the Americas.

This England Mariachi maintains the unique and traditional style of the original Mariachi and are the spicy ingredient of any event or party. They are very proud of their well known reputation as not only being the best Mariachi in the UK but also the only truly authentic one.

England Mariachi music

Mariachi music is their business, it's in their hearts and flows through their veins. When you hear it, you are directly transported by your imagination to the beautiful Mexican countryside, through the small towns and villages, finally arriving to the people that fill their hearts where you catch a glimpse of their daily lives. There you will see sadness, happiness celebration and mourning. You will get to know these people and you will never want to leave that place and for that reason, you will want to keep hearing the music over, and over again.

If you ever want to experience the real Mexico, this is the music that will take you there and they are the people to guide you. This England Mariachi has appeared in a number of cultural festivals and venues around the UK and Europe. They have performed in front of numerous British and Hollywood celebrities in both private functions as well as premiers and BAFTA awards parties.

England Mariachi clients

Celebrities this England Mariachi has played in front of and for include Hugh Grant, Benicio Del Torro, Mick Jaggar, Elton John, Sting, John Malkovich, Dustin Hoffman and Leonardo DiCaprio to name but a few. They also performed for the Mexican Film Director Alfonso Cuaron, cast and crew of the Harry Potter III film during their "end of filming" celebration and have played in front of members of the Royal family.

They also played for the previous Mexican President - President Vicente Fox during his London visit and have played at many UK universities, consulate and embassy functions and corporate events as well as charity events and of course private parties and functions, office parties, weddings and funerals. This England Mariachi has appeared on TV and radio and in several magazines and newspapers.

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Country United Kingdom
City England
State/Province International
Performer Type Musical Act

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