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San Francisco Latin Ensemble 1

This San Francisco Latin Ensemble specializes in Latin American music from the past and the present. They sing and play guitar, charango, quena and zampoñas (from Bolivia), cuatro (from Venezuela), cajón (from Peru) and bombo (from Argentina) as well as many other folk instruments. Residents of Berkeley, California, they have been performing together for over 4 years.

San Francisco Latin Ensemble repertoire

This San Francisco Latin Ensemble presents an extensive repertoire of popular and folk songs from all over Latin America, including many original compositions. They also present a joyful Mariachi and Latin American repertoire for parties and private or public events.

San Francisco Latin Ensemble members

The male singer, guitarist and composer from Chile, has been a leading exponent of Latin American song in the Bay Area for over 30 years. He has recorded 10 CDs and has toured the Americas and Europe.

The female singer of this San Francisco Latin Ensemble hails from Minnesota, and is an accomplished pianist and singer. She also plays many traditional instruments such us the venezuelan cuatro, bolivian quena, peruvian cajón, congas, maracas, etc. She has toured USA, Argentina and Chile.

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Country United States
City San Francisco
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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