Susie Hansen Latin Band

  • Susie Hansen Latin Band
  • Susie Hansen Latin Band
  • Susie Hansen Latin Band
  • Susie Hansen Latin Band
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Susie Hansen Latin Band

For your special event, wedding, non-profit fundraiser or corporate event, the Susie Hansen Latin Band' talented musicians will play their wonderful party music, bringing your guests to their feet, dancing and partying.

The leader of the band fronts the band with her electric violin, along with fabulous Cuban-American singer George Balmaseda. This Southern California band is always professional, playing the best great dance music.

Susie Hansen Latin Band specialty

The Susie Hansen Latin Band specializes in Latin dance music, including Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bolero, Cha Cha Cha and more. They also play popular American music -- disco, funk, R&B, Motown, jazz and swing.

This Salsa band has performed in Los Angeles and all over Southern California. They have played outdoor community concerts in nearly every city of Southern California. The Susie Hansen Latin Band has toured in the US, playing jazz festivals and concerts from San Jose to Toronto and New York City. The band has played countless weddings and special events, and they have an extensive list of corporate clients.

Susie Hansen Latin Band leader

Susie Hansen, the violinist, is the musical director of the band, and has recorded or appeared as a guest artist with Tito Puente, Vikki Carr, Los Van Van, Orquesta Aragon, El Gran Combo, Sonora Ponceña and others. Her current CD has been getting extensive airplay across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia for the past two years. She and the Susie Hansen Latin Band have been touring nationally, having just returned from five performances in New York City and a mini-tour to play Toronto jazz festivals. There are two singles from her current CD that have charted well for over a year with club and radio DJs throughout the US. Three songs from her recent CD have been included in six different salsa, jazz and Latin compilations in the US and Europe.

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21 responses to “Susie Hansen Latin Band”

  1. Rudy Mangual says:

    “Queen of the Latin violin, Hansen and her band play hardcore Salsa. Representante de la Salsa is on fire.” – Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat Magazine, May 2010, USA

  2. Daniel Niederman says:

    “This album is beautiful! It’s an album that enchants me.” – Daniel Niedermann,, June 2010, Switzerland

  3. DJ El Chino says:

    “What a pleasure, the famous virtuoso violinist Susie Hansen of Los Angeles creates a production that is flawless and serious.” – DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club, June 2010, Colombia

  4. Lubi Jovanovic says:

    “For dancers, there are five fantastic Salsa tracks which should fill any dance floor. Miss Hansen plays excellent Salsa/jazz violin.” – Lubi Jovanovic,, June 2010, UK

  5. Bruce Polin says:

    “First rate stuff, highly recommended. Great job by singers Geroge Balmaseda, Kaspar Abbo and Hansen.” – Bruce Polin,, June 2010, USA

  6. Roberto Rabbi says:

    “It’s an album of great quality with songs immediately accessible and rich.” – Roberto Rabbi,, July 2010, Italy

  7. Chris Spector says:

    “Without a false note anywhere, this just might be the perfect summer record.” – Chris Spector,, July 2010, USA

  8. Marc Myers says:

    “If you dig Latin, this album will blow you away just as it did me.” – Marc Myers,, July 2010, USA

  9. Orlando Lopez says:

    “One of the best productions of the year 2010.” – Orlando Lopez, El Magazine de la Salsa, July 2010, Venezuela

  10. Ken Franckling says:

    “I dare you not to move. The leader’s electric violin rides the band’s percussive cushion like a surfboard on a great wave.” – Ken Franckling Jazz Notes, July 2010, USA

  11. Scott Yanow says:

    “Quite infectious and difficult to resist. Highly recommended.” – Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene, August 2010, USA

  12. Salsa Forum says:

    In her first appearance on the Salsa Forum chart in Germany, Susie ranks Number One with ‘No Te Metas Conmigo’ from her new CD. –, August 2010, Germany

  13. Gary Elter says:

    Her album is a fantastic blend of Salsa and Cha Chas both in English and Spanish. From the opening track to the last I enjoyed every note. Can’t wait until she completes her next project. This one gets a gold star.

  14. Don says:

    “The music will display the band’s appealing mix of salsa and Latin Jazz…for both listening and dancing.” – Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times, 2003

  15. Don says:

    “Some of the Southland’s most energetically swinging Latin music.” – Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times, 2003

  16. Cathy says:

    “Her band just gets better and better and better.” – Cathy Diaz, “Canto Tropical”, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, 2005

  17. Imani says:

    “Impeccable improvisations, professional experience, and respect for both the music and her colleagues have allowed her to find success in a male-dominated jazz genre.” – Imani Tate, City News, Pomona CA, 2003

  18. Walberto says:

    “A sensational band,… a terrific violinist… Salsa meets jazz with a hot violin leading the way.” – Walberto Escobar, Sabor Magazine, 2002

  19. Raymundo says:

    “Ella encabeza una de las agrupaciones más destacadas de jazz latino en Los Angeles.” – Raymundo Reynoso, La Opinión, Los Angeles

  20. Susan says:

    “…a talented, vibrant pioneer.” – Susan Wilson, Boston Globe, 1993

  21. James says:

    “A marvelous performer she is, with a host of heavyweights. Latin jazz at its best!” – James Janisse, KKJZ-FM, Long Beach CA

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