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Chicago Latin Band 1

This Chicago Latin Band represents a convergence of professional musicians who have been active in the Chicago music scene for more than 25 years.  They bring together expansive musical training and ideas from diverse sources that include Cuban music, Puerto Rican styled salsa, jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, classical, Puerto Rican folkloric, and big band music.  In addition, the use of the Charanga and Pachanga styles are incorporated in their music – be it Merengue, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Latin Jazz or Montuno.

The orchestra was originally formed in 1998 as a group that played only “folkloric” Puerto Rican music.  As time passed the group expanded, as did their repertoire.  It was during the group’s formation in the first year the name of the group was carefully chosen.  The name was chosen to reflect the musical background of the musicians, and the variety of music they played.

Chicago Latin Band performance

This Chicago Latin Band's experience includes playing the majority of Chicago venues that have feature Salsa music.  In addition, they have presented musical lectures and concerts at museums, universities and high schools.  A band with a big heart, they have played free concerts to benefit the elderly, disabled and various community organizations.

Chicago Latin Band

Over time, who knows what the future holds for them.  But for now, they have released their second CD.  Their range of musical talents, showmanship, and experience is clearly reflected in this CD.  It doesn’t matter if the music is a sizzling salsa tune, smooth bolero, or a jamming jazz number.  This Chicago Latin Band is guaranteed to inspire you to listen and force you to move your hips.

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