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Yohann Abbou

Yohann Abbou performs on tour and in studio, is a composer, a sound engineer and a producer.

This year will be very rich for Yohann Abbou with the release of two new albums: one as a leader and composer with his Electro Jazz Quartet and one as a side man. We will also hear his work as a sound engineer for the Damien Ossart Villanova’s album : « The Omen Trio » and as a producer for the French rock band « In 4 Motion ».

Yohann Abbou influences

Since the creation of his music label in 2005, Yohann Abbou has developed a fresh music with a strong identity influenced by many different styles (jazz, electro, funk, rock, pop…).

Regularly playing in Paris, in venues such as the Sunset, Baiser Salé, China Club, and in music festivals throughout France, he demonstrates his mastering of various styles with his several bands.

Yohann Abbou is currently preparing a tour for the first half of 2012 in France and Europe to promote his new album. He will also play in concerts as a sideman throughout the year.

Yohann Abbou recordings

New recordings are also scheduled: a new album with the band « FunkGoJazz », guest appearances on various albums.

Definitely, Yohann Abbou is going to be on the headlines this year !

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