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Pierre Lefrancois

Pierre Lefrancois put together his first band when he was twelve years old and would present his own original material to audiences in nightclubs by the age of sixteen. In 1984, he graduated from Concordia University's Communication program with a specialization in sound, music was to be the muse of his life.

Pierre Lefrancois toured the Province of Quebec as a back-up vocalist for artists such as Ginette Reno, Edith Butler, Luba and many more. He lent his voice to radio and television commercials for products including O'Keefe, Mountain Dew, Rôtisserie St. Hubert, Tourisme Québec etc. and sang as the alligator in the French adaptation of the MGM film ‘’All Dogs Go To Heaven’’.

Pierre Lefrancois career

Pierre Lefrancois's first break in the music industry came in 1989 when he took the lead role in a musical production entitled ‘’Jukebox: Boulevard of Dreams’, ’ which became a summer smash hit at ''Jardin des Étoiles'' on St. Helen's Island (Expo '67 site), and where he sang nightly to standing room only crowds. His vocal versatility allowed him to interpret songs by some of the greatest singers of our time. So versatile was Pierre Lefrancois that ‘’Diva Productions'', a Québec-based record company, signed him on in 1991 to sing on a series of compilation albums featuring music from the 50's and 60's. A few months later he was awarded one platinum and two gold albums from the Canadian Recording Industry Association as record sales of ‘’Ce Soir on Danse’’ reached the half- million mark and tracks raced to the top of the charts in the Province of Quebec.

In the mid-90’s, Pierre Lefrancois ranked in the finals of the Province's most prestigious singer-songwriter competitions ''Festival de la Chanson de Granby'' and ''Ma première Place des Arts''. He subsequently toured for several years in his own musical productions presented in theatres across the Province and was showcased in a series of live performances in St. Malo, France.

Pierre Lefrancois new show

And now Pierre Lefrancois smooth sound, charismatic appeal and vocal skills are highlighted in his new show. Forever elegant, the music sung by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole et al and standard jazz tunes are back in the spotlight and Pierre Lefrancois and his ensemble (featuring five young and talented jazz musicians) are dedicated to bringing it in style. He also adds a personal touch and jazzy twist to some favourite pop songs by artists such as John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Sting, Kiss and more. Furthermore, this fluently bilingual artist performs some of the most beautiful and popular French songs ever.

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