Los Angeles Jazz Singer 6




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Los Angeles Jazz Singer 6

This Los Angeles Jazz Singer entertains straight from his heart. His style of singing is from the Bel Canto school, which in Italian means beautiful signing. His new CD has received three stars from the “All Music Guide” and its reviewer David Nathan has also recommended it.

Los Angeles Jazz Singer audience

This artist loves his audience and wish them to have a great time. Tony Bennett said it best and he paraphrases, “our American songbook is a gift to the world” and dear friends I don’t sing anything but the greatest songs ever written. I was a weatherman on New York television for a few years before he decided to get into the music business and 42nd Street was his childhood home. Let this Los Angeles Jazz Singer entertain you in any venue you desire and make great memories together.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

5 responses to “Los Angeles Jazz Singer 6”

  1. Suzanne Wilder says:

    The first time I heard this man sing he actually took my breath away! He has the most marvelous voice I’ve ever heard and his newest cd Beautiful Maria of My Soul is perfection. If you are looking for a cd with wonderful vocals this is the one for you!!!!

  2. Rebeka Hampton says:

    If [this singer] were born in the 1930’s he would’ve been right up there with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole. His vocals and his choice in song tug at your heart strings, especially body and soul. I would recommend this to anyone who is a lover of this type of music. Beautiful work !

  3. martin siemoneit says:

    wonderful voice and great phrasing in the songs. terrific feeling for meter in his voice delivery. hopefully we will hear more of this wonderful singer. I give him a 5.

  4. Mary Frink says:

    Bel Canto describes this singer perfectly! Beauty and heart are evident in each song he gives us. Five stars!

  5. Cheryle Pearson says:

    WOW! Simply amazing! Truly pure pleasure… This Gentleman sings with such deep emotion that touches your very soul. There is no denying, this Gentleman loves to sing. The clarity in His strong melodic voice comes through crystal clear while delivering a soothing rich sound. Bravo!

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