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About Seattle Italian Band #1

This Seattle Italian Band performs Italian music as well as other genres. They specialize in live performances at festivals, restaurants, bars, small concert halls, private houses, cocktail party, dance rooms, shopping malls, fund-raising and charity events.The group is ideally suited for playing during wedding receptions, ceremonials, lunch and dinner times, private parties, dances, art exhibitions, etc.

This Seattle Italian Band was formed in 1998 by the bass player. Their music reflects a strong Latin connection, Mediterranean folk, European roots, jazz, and a gypsy soul blended with the infectious rhythms of modern music.

Events that call for traditional tunes are no problem as they can seamlessly weave standards into the show in their own unique style. Besides their regular performances, all members of this Seattle Italian Band are also heavily dedicated to studio work, teaching, music workshops and composing.

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Country United States
City Seattle
State/Province Washington
Performer Type Musical Act

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