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About San Francisco Irish Band 3

Name a musical act after one of the great warriors of Irish legend, and you’d better be prepared to crank out some energetic, larger-than-life performances.

That’s why this San Francisco Irish Band has been a favorite on the San Francisco scene for six years—and is now bringing their self-described punk-Irish-hoedown sensibility to a larger audience. The melodies of Steve  (fiddle) and Renee (button accordion); harmonies of Mike (guitar); and rhythm of Scott ’s bodhran meld with rich vocals that are a staple of the Irish tradition.

This San Francisco Irish Band connects with their audience because they are as adept with traditional arrangements as they are with bringing their eclectic artistic backgrounds to an original brand of Irish-inspired music.

San Francisco Irish Band pedigree

This San Francisco Irish Band boasts an impressive musical pedigree: Steve played Red Rocks with Grammy winning favorites Blues Traveler; and wows crowds with his work on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and vocals. Mike’s ability to connect with and uplift a crowd with raucous humor and hard driving songs is key; Scott’s years drumming for punk band The Nuns gives him the straight ahead power that he harnesses on the bodhrán; and Renee the Berklee graduate (barely, she says) started her love affair with the Cairdin Irish button box backstage at a Pogues show.

Four very different musical paths have converged to create performances described as having ”the innate strength of Cuchullain.”

Considering that Cuchullain fought with the ferocity of a berserker, that’s quite a claim for any band. But when you spend a little time speaking with members of the group, or attend a live show, you see the proof: there’s creative zeal simmering beneath the surface that bursts out when these artists start talking about Irish music.

In their early years, this San Francisco Irish Band opened for musical greats Paddy Keenan, Martin Hayes, Liam Clancy, Lunasa, Tommy Peoples, The Boys of the Lough, Solas, Susan McKeown, Josephine Marsh, Gary Shannon, Andrew McNamara, Tempest and Seven Nations. They made their debut as a headlining act at the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek in 2000. Recurring gigs for a variety of West Coast events followed soon after.

In 2006, this San Francisco Irish Band debuted their second CD, at a March 17 headliner at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The band’s latest is enriched by collaborations with Blues Traveler harmonica virtuoso John Popper; East Clare button accordion master Andrew McNamara; Irish singer Susan McKeown; bassist Ben Bernstein; and Hounds alum Conall O’Raghallaigh, one of the West Coast’s best uilleann pipers.

Popper’s collaboration and the musicians’ openness to stretching their genre it represents, speaks to where this band is likely to find itself next: grounded in the mythic energy and spirit of traditional Irish music, and performing in front of entirely new audiences yearning for something different.

Appeared on "Lizard Music Presents Cold Blood 2005"

San Francisco Irish Band venues

The Sweetwater Saloon, Mill Valley CA
The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Slim’s, San Francisco CA
Fort Mason, San Francisco CA
Palace of the Legion of Honour, San Francisco CA
SBC Park with the San Francisco Giants (National Anthem) San Francisco CA
Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA
Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet, Alameda CA

San Francisco Irish Band clubs
Kells, Portland OR
Kells, Seattle WA
Whitehorse Coffee House, Sutherlin OR
11th Street Bar, New York NY
An Beal Bocht The Bronx NY
Rocky Sullivan's New York NY
The Rambling House Woodlawn NY
Fitzgerald's Tavern, Yonkers NY
Mr Dooley's Tavern, Boston MA
Abbey Lounge, Boston MA
The Tara Pub, Dorchester MA
The St James Pub, Fall River MA
Kitty O'Shea's, Boston MA
Mother Egan’s, Austin Tx
Union Square, San Francisco CA
United Irish Cultural Center, San Francisco CA
Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco CA
Plough and Stars, San Francisco CA
Hotel Utah, San Francisco CA
Blackthorn Tavern, San Francisco CA
Johnny Folly's Irish House, San Francisco CA
Saint Gabriel’s Church, San Francisco CA
Ireland’s 32, San Francisco CA
Swig, San Francisco CA
Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco CA
Spec's, San Francisco CA
The Flood Mansion, San Francisco CA
The Gift Center, San Francisco CA
The Rockit Room, San Francisco CA
Delta of Venus, Davis CA
Peri's Silver Dollar Saloon, Fairfax CA
O’Neil’s, San Mateo CA
O'Neill's, San Francisco CA
Wallace Arms, Antioch CA
The Rose Pub, Santa Rosa CA
The Poet and the Patriot, Santa Cruz CA
The Attic, Santa Cruz CA
London Bridge Pub, Monterey CA
The Fourth Street Tavern, San Rafael CA

San Francisco Irish Band festivals
Berkeley Guinness and Oyster Festival, Berkeley CA
Oasis Stage at Burningman, Blackrock City Nevada 2003
Irish Arts Foundation Celtic Music and Arts Festival, San Francisco CA
Oyster and Mussel Festival, San Mateo CA
Clans and Tribes Festival, San Francisco CA
Irish Connections, San Francisco CA
Dublin Saint Patrick's Day Festival, Dublin CA
153rd and 154th Saint Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration, San Francisco CA
Celtic Nations Festival, Vacaville CA (2003 & 2004)
The Emerald Ball, San Francisco CA
The Excelsior Festival, San Francisco CA
San Francisco Green Festival, San Francisco CA

San Francisco Irish Band radio and television
Mornings On 2, live television interview and performance (SF Bay Area)
West Coast Live NPR Radio Broadcast (west coast)
KALW (x2) with Kevin Vance live radio interview and performance (local)
KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz Silverfish in the Kitchen with Carla Brauer (local)
KDTV 2 hour live television performance, Davis CA (local)
KDVS Cool as Folk Live radio interview and performance, Davis CA (local)
KFOG 104.5 "The Morning Show" Live radio performance and interview (Central Coast, CA)

This San Francisco Irish Band played Shows With: Paddy Keenan, Martin Hayes, Liam Clancy, Lunasas, Tommy Peoples, The Boys of the Lough, Solas, Susan McKeown, Josephine Marsh, Gary Shannon and Andrew McNamara, Cake, Seven Nations, Tempest, Seanchai and the Freedom Squad, Stolen Bibles, The Earl Brothers

This San Francisco Irish Band collaborated artistically with Chanting House vocalist Susan McKeown, New Monsoon Bassist Ben Bernstein, East Clare accordion master Andrew MacNamara, world renown author and poet Alan Kaufman and Blue's Traveler's singer/harmonica player John Popper.

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2 responses to “San Francisco Irish Band 3”

  1. Hybrid Magazine says:

    “Without doubt one of the rising young stars of the genre.” Hybrid Magazine

  2. Denny McCarthy says:

    I can’t imagine that there’s better Traditional Irish music being played anywhere out on the left coast. As a musician who works in the Irish music scene in and around NYC I can honestly say that if these guys were around here I’d be out of work (or at least asking them for a job). In my opinion, this is a group that can hold their own against any of today’s Trad-Irish heavyweights including: Solas, Danu and Dervish. – Denny McCarthy (all Ireland fiddle and whistle champion from NYC’s Shilelagh Law)

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