New York Obama Impersonator 1

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New York Obama Impersonator 1

This New York Obama Impersonator is an actor, entertainer and impersonator. He is the president's closest natural lookalike and has earned the nickname "Obama's Clone". He is a United States Army veteran who was thrust into the performing arts due to his startling similarity to the 44th President. His unexpected likeness and impeccable impression of President Obama have made him an overnight media sensation.

Some of his major media appearances include HBO's Flight of The Conchords, NBC Universal's The Maury Povich Show, Showtime's Paulytics with Pauly Shore, Swedish TV's Filip and Frederick, a recurring role on FOX News' Stossel Show and Univision's Despierta America.

New York Obama Impersonator credits

This New York Obama Impersonator has also been featured in stories in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, CNN 's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzter, CBS's Early Show, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Business Week, MTV Tr3s, Journal de Montreal, BBC's Outlook with Matthew Bannister,, NBC’s The Debrief with David Ushery, NBC Latino, PBS's Tavis Smiley, The New York Post and a full length story in the Inauguration Special Edition of The Washingtonian. He was also the subject of a full-size feature on September's 2012 cover of The Atlantic magazine, photographed by international artist Alison Jackson, which was accompanied by a fourteen page story covering The 2012 Presidential Election between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

The "screen scene" is not new to this New York Obama Impersonator who has starred in South Korean satellite television provider Skylife, in commercials for Netherland-based Rabobank, in the Japanese feature film Saraba Itoshi no Daitouryo (Good bye Dear President), and recently in multinational automotive giant Hyundai's Times Square interactive billboard campaign. He has also guest starred in groundbreaking new media such as myISH's The Hillywood Show’s President Gaga, Australian web series The Nobel Funk Off, The Onion, Four Shaw Entertainment's TOMORROW: THE FILM, and MTV's Matt's Apartment.

This New York Obama Impersonator is the subject of a feature length documentary, "Bronx Obama". Film producer Ryan Murdock "defies categorization", says the New York Times. Ryan has followed him and documented his search for the "American Dream". The feature film should be released some time in early 2014. It was headlined on NPR's This American Life. The upcoming release of the film has resulted in a New York Times feature and a segment on The Jeff Probst Show based on individuals who are subjects of a film.

He has participated in classes at AIDA: Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts and has trained with famed vocal instructor Louis Colaianni of The Actor's Studio. This New York Obama Impersonator has performed numerous corporate events including Freedom Fest 2012 (sharing a stage with Senator Rand Paul and Steve Forbes), American Petroleum Institute, Latinos for Obama, Harvard Lampoon, AOL, Louisiana Association of Builders and Contractors, Association of Energy Engineers, Colony Club, First Allied Securities, Urban Health Plan, McQuade Brennan LLP, and Attain.

One of his most memorable moments was having the distinct honor to perform live for The 14th Dalai Lama at Australia's Songs For The Dalai Lama Benefit Concert in 2010. In December 2012, he also guest starred live at The George Wallace Theater in The Flamingo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas for George at his world famous show George Wallace: I Be Thinkin’.

New York Obama Impersonator reviews

This New York Obama Impersonator's portrayal of President Obama is unique and has gained admiring reviews. Documentary filmmaker Ryan Murdock said on NPR's This American Life, "Twin brother is actually a good way of explaining how much [he] really does look like Barack Obama." Brett Blake of The Onion said "aside from [his] physical resemblance to the President-which is uncanny- he has been able, through hard work, talent, and commitment, to learn to impersonate the President's physical bearing and voice to great effect. Quite frankly, it can be spooky at times”. He is loved by his clients for his talent and work ethic. The Director for LAVA Communications, Steven Hirst, stated "[He] was extremely well prepared and proactive in bringing many of his own ideas to the set which ended up included in the final edit of The Nobel Funk Off." "[He] was friendly and professional and ensured a great dynamic on set." Brett Black of The Onion says, "[He] is absolutely wonderful to work with. He is extremely professional, engaging and a joy to be around.”

This New York Obama Impersonator is a dedicated professional, impressive method actor and comedian. These attributes as well as his undeniable resemblance to our 44th President Barack Obama have propelled him to earn the position “The Number One Presidential Impersonator In The World.”

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5 responses to “New York Obama Impersonator 1”

  1. Tami Holland says:

    “Thanks again for a fantastic show!” – Tami Holland, Conference Coordinator, Freedom Fest

  2. William Clouatre says:

    “The show was outstanding… Everything I expected!” – William Clouatre, Chairman, Louisiana Association of Builders and Contractors

  3. Jim Lehmann says:

    “Thanks for a great show!” – Jim Lehmann, Sr. Vice President, Partners Advantage

  4. Lane Grigsby says:

    “They really knew what we wanted to hear… they enlightened our hearts… this is really good stuff.” –
    Lane Grigsby, Founder and Chairman, Cajun Contractors Inc.

  5. Matt Zaller says:

    “Shoot was great. [He] was a pro, super patient, nice, and never had to say anything twice. I think it’ll turn out quite funny and solid.” – Matt Zaller, Creator & Producer, MTV’s Matt’s Apartment

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