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Shreveport Hip Hop Singer 1

This Shreveport Hip Hop Singer is a prolific entertainer and creative songwriter. He possesses excellent showmanship as a performer and as a songwriter he is a genius when it comes to utilizing descriptive lyrics to tell stories and paint vivid mental images for the listener. Over 100s of times, his performances and music have inspired and uplifted many throughout the land. He is very skilled at relating and connecting well with a wide range of audiences. He has conducted shows at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, juvenile correctional facilities, coffeehouses, religious institutions, awards shows, conferences, showcases, malls, TV shows, concerts, and business seminars.

Shreveport Hip Hop Singer interaction

What makes this Shreveport Hip Hop Singer stands out as a hip-hop artist is that his performances are family oriented and kid friendly. In addition, he always strives to get everyone involved with his sets. Whether it's calling on volunteers to hold objects, dancing in unison with the crowd, or having them to recite infectious hooks, he is certain to win over those who attend his venues.

Shreveport Hip Hop Singer CDs

As a recording artist, this Shreveport Hip Hop Singer has recorded 4 CDs. His latest release is composed of twenty-two versatile tracks that will take you on a musical journey while providing thought provoking messages, inspiration, and energy. To validate the quality of this project, here is a review- "His musical style uplifts the audience with subjects ranging from life lessons to spirituality. Solid beats with meaningful lyrics allow this hip hop artist and songwriter to stand out from the pack. From checking out his tracks, I can tell how he can be a very moving performer." Paul Ruth

Currently, this Shreveport Hip Hop Singer is conducting a tour to promote his latest release.

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Country United States
City Shreveport
State/Province Louisiana
Performer Type Musical Act

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