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Chicago Hip Hop Artist 2

This Chicago Hip Hop Artist's appreciation for musical quality, and the collaboration with his Grammy nominated producer, “Allstar” (Lloyd Banks, Gym Class Heroes, and Ludacris) created a dynamic fusion of rap music meeting a Motown melody. A musical style that he characterizes as “Doo-Wop Rap”.

Chicago Hip Hop Artist influences

This Chicago Hip Hop Artist, who hails from Wisconsin, always had musical aspirations, and a vast array of musical influences. “I grew up listening to Genesis, Pearl Jam, and The Beatles and eventually artists like Public Enemy, Redman, and Notorious B.I.G." Even though, he could not identify with Biggies’ hardcore street reality, he appreciated his honesty, and the sincerity of his music. “It was so appealing to me, raw and true, that I decided then to make sure that my music would reflect the mood, and the contents of my songs would tell some type of story, that my fans could follow.”

This Chicago Hip Hop Artist always did things a little differently in his small town. While most of his friends were listening to Grateful Dead, and Phish, he was more into hip-hop, and R&B. He added to his rap collection such musical influences as Snoop, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Mase, DMX, and Jay Z, and also includes R&B and Pop artist like Snow Patrol, Lady Gaga, Boys to Men, and Michael Jackson.

Chicago Hip Hop Artist goal

He aspires to have one of the greatest compilations, and longevity in the music industry. This is the very reason he strives to create quality, really good music rather than just following the music trend. This Chicago Hip Hop Artist with his 60’s fashion sense, coupled with his Motown Rap Infusion, puts him in a lane of his own. He says, “It’s hard for me to think about doing anything else with my life...I feel alive when I am making music, and hopes to bring his fans down his lane for the his ride”.

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Performer Type Musical Act

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