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Baltimore Hip Hop Artist 1

Life has been anything but easy for this Baltimore Hip Hop Artist. His life story is expressed through his music and the first chapter of these events can be heard on his debut album, which was released on July 5, 2011.

Born on October 7, 1987, this artist was raised in a traditional household. His interest in music began at the age of seven when he began taking piano lessons. His interest in music increased throughout the years. His parents noticed his incredible ability to imitate sounds and melodies and presented him with his first electronic keyboard at the age of 10. As the years past, this Baltimore Hip Hop Artist interest in music silently grew.

Baltimore Hip Hop Artist debut

He attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Randallstown High School. During his high school years, his interest in music peaked. During this time, this Baltimore Hip Hop Artist began writing and producing material for other independent artists and released his first mix-tape in 2005, which was a collaborative effort of artists working with the now defunct independent label, Imfamous Entertainment. The mix-tape was largely inspired by Kanye West’s 2005 release “Late Registration” and achieved moderate success, moving an impressive number of units considering lack of promotion and marketing experience.

After the release of his first mix-tape, he took a hiatus from music. This followed the death of his best friend; break up with his first love, lack of focus in college, and first experience with debt accumulation. After a two year sabbatical, this Baltimore Hip Hop Artist released three digital singles in 2007 that received very favorable reviews and began working on his debut album, an effort that was discontinued after over a year of delay. Even though the project was shelved, he continued to perfect his craft and study industry trends while actively pursuing a major recording contract.

Baltimore Hip Hop Artist originality

This Baltimore Hip Hop Artist prides himself on being an intelligent, articulate, unique, and lyrical hip-hop artist. Over the past several years, despite industry trends, including the popularity of auto-tune, he maintained his originality, hoping his sound and relative content would prevail in a music industry dominated by gimmicks and trends.

This Baltimore Hip Hop Artist has learned from his experience that anything worth having takes self-sacrifice, as seen by his blood, sweat, and tears tattoo on his chest. His ultimate goal is to make his mark in music history and influence many generations to come that anything you want… you can have.

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Country United States
City Baltimore
State/Province Maryland

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