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Boston Harpist 3

This Boston Harpist is a Venezuelan musician, producer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist, with 25 years of experience on the traditional Venezuelan music.

This Boston Harpist has given concerts and harp clinics in:
London, Tokio, Canadá, Paraguay, USA, Austria, South África, México, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, and Brasil. He has more than 100 record on albums and shows of important national and international artists. The most relevant we could name: Simon Diaz, Oscar D León, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Danny Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Luis Salinas, Jorge Celedón, and Other great Artist from Venezuela.

Boston Harpist credits

This Boston Harpist has performed as a special guest at festivals such as:
• "First World Harp Festival" in the Asunción city in Paraguay 2007, the first edition of the same, in order to declare Asuncion as the World Capital of the Harp.
• In the IV World Festival "Mishquila of Harp" in Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
• In the Festival Strings America in Buenos Aires in the 1st and 2nd edition.
• In The Roslyn Spectrum Theater (Washington DC) with another two masters of world harp Mariano Gonzalez (Paraguay) and Edmar Castaneda (Colombia) organized by the " Theater de la Luna"
• In México on the 8th Harp Festival in Cerrillos Veracruz, and Cuauhtémoc city with the great ensemble "Harps of America" ​​directed by the Master Celso Duarte and Family, also a concert at the House of Culture " Jaime Sabines "in Mexico City, with the Master of the Venezuelan Cuatro Luis Pino.
• In Chile together with a delegation of Venezuela at the Catholic University of Santiago.
• In the most important International Folklore Festival in the Cosquín city (Argentina) which celebrated its 50th anniversary as the first Venezuelan Harpist to participate in this festival, and did so with the master of Four Venezuelan Luis Pino, The] charango Argentine Rolando Goldman and Master Guitarist Carlos Alvarez.
• In Tokyo 2010, in the prestigious Festival arpeggios of the springs whit Lucia Shiomitsu and Venezuelan Cuatrista Luis Pino, Also in Ichikawa Seiyoukan, and a Master Class at the University of Tokyo; and in the Soguetsu Kaikan theater.
• In Vienna (Austria) in the Kursalón, a concert by the 50 years of OPEC.
• South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Johannesburg with singer Fabiola Jose.
• In the Vougue Theater in The 11 World Harp Congress in Vancouver Canada 2011-
• In the "Sonamos Latino America" ​​Festival in the Santa Fe city (Argentina) 2010, edition, 2011 Caracas and Lima, Peru 2013.
• In The Mishquila”s Harp in Santiago del Estero (Argentina) in their editions 7, 8 and 9.
• In "Harps south of Chile" in the city of Concepcion (Chile) in 2 editions.
• In Vancouver Canada in the Sun Carnival
• The Harp Fest in Cancun City

Boston Harpist projects

This Boston Harpist is now part of important musical projects in Venezuela as:
Huascar Barradas Band, Rafael "El Pollo" Brito Band, 2Arpas4Manos with Leonard Jácome, Joropo Jam Project, Eduardo Project, Also in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) from six years ago he founded a duo (Piano and Harp) with Gabriel, classical pianist and chairman of the department of folk music of Argentina in the "National Conservatory of Music" in Buenos Aires.

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