New York German Band 2

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New York German Band 2

The leader of this New York German Band has performed not only for German Oktoberfests but also all around gigs for German crowds on 86th Street, New York, in the 70's. The Lorelei gave him Mondays and Tuesdays as the Leader. He played also at the biggest and most popular Luchow for about 10 years.

New York German Band credits

His credits continued at the Plattduetsche, Schuetzen Park, Deutsche Club and Action Park. He played quite a few gigs for Beck's Beer. He worked a steady Friday Nights at the Milleridge Inn for years. He has done singles all over. He did the Bier Stubbe in the Hotel Pennsylvania. He played for Luftansa at their Headquarters on Reunification Day. He made a commercial for Publix Supermarkets. The leader of this New York German Band led the Viennese Opera Ball for 3 years.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

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