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This Bridgeport Funk Band is a funk collective hailing from segments of Connecticut. Since 1998, the band has been performing throughout the Connecticut area delivering powerhouse performances in Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul Classics.

Each member's musical foundations being in their respective churches, have performed at various social and civic events over the last eight years, making them a Connecticut favorite.

Bridgeport Funk Band performances

.. Hall Neighborhood House Annual Boat Ride - Bridgeport
.. Hall Neighborhood House Hurambee- Bridgeport
.. Candlelight Lounge - Bridgeport
.. The Ritz Club - Bridgeport
.. Moose Club - Norwalk
.. The Yacht Club - Bridgeport
.. Murphy's Law Lounge -Bridgeport
.. Wings of Sikorsky Airport - Stratford
.. Big Boys Club- Bridgeport
.. Rest in Peace Basketball Tournament- Bridgeport

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Country United States
City Bridgeport
State/Province Connecticut
Performer Type Musical Act

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