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  • 6,635 user views 20 reviews

Rouge takes classic French cabaret music and infuses original and folk melodies for a sweet, hot new sound. This exciting band of vocals, violin, accordion, and guitar has airplay on classical and wor...

Seattle French Band 2

  • 2,528 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle French Band has played their unique blend of Louisiana musical styles for the past 15 years. They made several recordings and appeared with Queen Ida, Katie "Queen of the Swamp Boogie Pia...


Billet Deux

  • 2,944 user views 9 reviews

Billet Deux was formed in 2002. They play acoustic jazz influenced by the work of Django Reinhardt and his musical heirs. Music filtered through the cafes of Paris, the tradition of Django Reinhardt, ...

Vancouver French Band 1

  • 2,951 user views 3 reviews

This Vancouver French Band fills venues internationally with its invigorating style of music. Drawing from a well of resources spanning the 1960s to the present, French lounge, New York swing, Brazili...

San Diego French Band 1

  • 2,900 user views 0 reviews

This San Diego based Gypsy Jazz Band perform an energetic, innovated blend of Swing, Jazz and Blues. Their music merges Gypsy melodies and rhythms, with the influences of American Jazz reminiscent of ...


Houston French Singer 1

  • 7,260 user views 6 reviews

This Houston French Singer has been working in the Cabaret world since 1990, creating her own one-woman shows in French and in English. She has brought her music to such U.S. cities as New York, Wash...


Claudine Carle

  • 2,358 user views 0 reviews

An International show in 4 languages by Claudine Carle. After performing at the Casino of Montreal and touring Canada, USA, BVI, Bahamas, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Egypt, she proposes you a gl...

San Francisco French Band 1

  • 2,969 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco French Band, a gypsy jazz sextet, was formed in 2002. The lineup consists of two guitarists, one standup bassist, an accordionist, a horn player and a percussionist/drummer. ...


San Francisco French Band 2

  • 2,133 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco French Band plays music from the French cabarets of the 40s and 50s, when l’amour was all that mattered. This band is comprised of a vocalist extraodinaire, a viola de gamba and a...


Denver French Band 1

  • 2,127 user views 0 reviews

This Denver French Band can complement your facility's formal or informal atmosphere with music to suit. From strolling to dancing to dining, its unique sound will create the mood needed to make your...


Seattle French Singer 1

  • 2,721 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle French Singer songwriter is also a guitar player. He was born in France but now performs inspired French and English songs in the greater Seattle area. When he performs on stage, his pass...


Los Angeles French Singer 1

  • 2,049 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles French Singer is a native French speaker, an authentic Parisian musician and songwriter now based in Los Angeles. His music draws from the classics of Francophone culture, while incor...