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Portland Flamenco Guitarist 1

This Portland Flamenco Guitarist is a versatile acoustic guitarist and oud player living in Portland, Oregon. His music combines his background in flamenco guitar with elements of jazz, bossa nova, and Middle Eastern music.

Portland Flamenco Guitarist travels

He was born in Portland, Oregon. He began studying guitar with guitarist/composer Paul Chasman at age seventeen. This Portland Flamenco Guitarist was soon introduced to flamenco guitar by Jose Solano. His interest in the influence of Arabic music on flamenco led him to study oud in Morocco. After returning to the US, he moved to Seattle to study ethnomusicology at the University of Washington. There he worked with the groups Carmona Flamenco, The Rez Quartet and others ranging in style from Hungarian Csardas and Gypsy swing to flamenco.

Portland Flamenco Guitarist performances

In 2000 he co-founded a Vancouver, BC based Arabic/ flamenco group. He now resides in Portland where he performs regularly and in many concerts and music festivals. Recently this Portland Flamenco Guitarist and his bandmate have also been performing in concerts out of town with the legendary Persian singer Dariush Eghbali. He also has a duo with a singer that performs flamenco and other music of the Mediterranean.

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Country United States
City Portland
State/Province Oregon
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