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New York Flamenco Group 1

Established in 1979, this New York Flamenco Group has performed throughout New York City and on tour, continually refining and honing its cutting-edge mix of Spanish and Latino cultural styles.

While each dancer dazzles in traditional flamenco style, the repertoire also includes solo and ensemble numbers set to Cuban, Puerto Rican and other Caribbean or South American forms. Both dancers and musicians combine their strength in Flamenco technique with their love for the spicy, tropical Salsa grooves.

New York Flamenco Group guitarist

The guitarist/singer of this New York Flamenco Group brings both a distinct and broad background to the execution and arrangement for the group. His experience as both a Flamenco guitarist and as a Salsa musician give him a dual perspective and a clear advantage for producing compositions with authenticity as a goal.

Over the past 19 years he has composed and arranged 30 pieces for Flamenco Latino, 5 pieces for the Carlota Santana Spanish Dance Company and 10 pieces for Andrea Del Conte Danza España. He has studied guitar in Madrid, Seville, and New York and has accompanied such artists as Rafael Fajardo and Concha Vargas in the U.S; La Tati, Faico, Ciro, and Manolete in dance studios; and many canta'ores such as Juanele de jerez, Marcelino Sanchez and Antonio Benamargo in various Flamenco peñas in Madrid.

New York Flamenco Group recordings

The guitarist of this New York Flamenco Group recordings include "Apertivos Pa' El Oido", "Guerra, Amor y Campanas" which was the music for a Carlota Santana Spanish Dance project, "La Reina del Nilo" with singer/dancer La Conja and "Cante Flamenco" with singer Luis Vargas. His guitar work was featured in the soundtrack of Almodovar's "High Heels" and he participated in the 1992 Broadway revival of "Man of La Mancha."

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York

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