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Boston Fire Performer 1

This Boston Fire Performer provides Professional Fire Performances to the New England area and has 10 years of performance experience in Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Hip Belt with Palm Torches, Fire Sword, Fire Staff, Fire Double Staves, Fire Fans, Fire Hula Hoop, Fire Poi, Fire Ropes, Fire Collar, Fire Headdress, and many other different fire acts! Fire shows are versatile and are created to fit the budget, time constraints, and vision of each client. Shows can be family friendly or very sexy and everything in between.

Boston Fire Performer versatility

This Boston Fire Performer also performs Sideshow acts such as the Bed of Nails, Human Blockhead, Glass Walking, Glass Eating, Balloon Swallowing, and Machete Ladder! Among those incredible performance skills, she also performs Aerial Lyra (hoop) and Aerial Hammock (sling). She also performs LED Hula Hoop and LED Poi! And last, but most certainly not least, she is a REAL Mermaid! You can have a real Mermaid swimming at your pool party!

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Country United States
City Boston
State/Province Massachusetts
Performer Type Other Act
Testimonial #1

We booked her to perform at our New Year's Eve Circus Spectacular at the Standard Biergarten in NYC. She opened the show and wow did she set the tone for the night! Her incredible show of dazzling fire tricks had the crowd of almost 300 completely mesmerized. Guests of the event couldn't stop raving about her show for weeks after and the energy that night was more electric than we have ever had before. Incredibly talented and professional, she will not disappoint!

Testimonial #2 I am a Creator/Booker for various unique alternative events in NYC. When the moment calls for something spectacular, the first entertainer I call on is her. When I was given a weekly night at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, the challenge was not only to book acts to wow the audience but they also had to be visually glamorous as well. The reaction to her performance often ended in wild, enthusiastic applause which was unheard of for that stage, and she performed fully clothed. Although the venue asked for different performers every event, they insisted I bring her back week after week. Her meticulousness in safety and attention to detail is unsurpassed. The nature of Fire Performance is such a volatile act, but with her I never had to worry one bit for the safety of the venue, others or my job. Her multitude of various performances always kept spectators at the edge of their seats night after night and week after week. I highly recommend her for any event that you feel is worth creating an event for. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
Testimonial #3 I have seen many fire performances and she always leaves and imprint on the mind!! Very unique, beautiful, mesmerizing, bold, inspirational and seems to always be having a great time! She definitely stands out in a crowd and always leaves you wanting more fire!!!!
Testimonial #4 Not only is she excellent eye candy with every move of her hips, she is bold, intriguing and ON FIRE! She displayed excellent versatility by performing not only to dubstep, but hiphop, moombahton, and house. All eyes were on her! She also had a level of connection with the audience as to where she was performing FOR us rather than just merely performing another fire dancing routine.
Testimonial #5 I cant brag enough of how amazing she was!!! Everyone that experienced the show was at awe with their mouth open. Every time she did a crazy stunt or a move everyone was clapping and yelling for her... I recommend her to anyone that wants to see an awesome performance.
Testimonial #6 I can't say enough about how professional, attentive, talented and a pleasure it was to work with her. Her ability to cater her performances, within our interior layout restrictions, worked perfectly without sacrificing any performance excitement. Make no mistake, this is not a trick act but one that requires skill. She truly is a talent.
Testimonial #7 This is the best fire dancer I ever saw. After seeing her you do not want to watch another fire dancer. A year later my friends are still talking about her performance. LasVegas theme for my 10 year old and she turned it out for kids and adults!
Testimonial #8 She is a professional and it shows. Her performance will have guest talking about her for months. I will hire her again in a heart beat. Thank you for making my son's 10th birthday that he will never forget.

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