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Auckland Electronic Musician 1

This Auckland Electronic Musician is from Auckland New Zealand. He has released seven solo albums, with other releases. The style of music has varied slightly over the years but the base style is electronica with lashings of downbeat, downtempo, jazz, nu jazz, breakbeat, and the list goes on.

Harking back from his post rock days (playing bass guitar), this Auckland Electronic Musician became the outlet for his electronic music making with the backbone in song writing and construction. He has taken on the roles of writing, recording, mastering, web design and art design.

Auckland Electronic Musician singles

Having released a load of singles as well, he has been involved with many product advertisements and music videos. Companies from Yves Saint Laurant, Guinness, Barclays Bank, California Apple and Pear Board, to name a few. One music is populated over the internet and has had some great reviews and magazine spots as well.

Auckland Electronic Musician goals

His desire has always been to create music and soundscapes that capture a mood and feeling, letting the listener go on a journey, which most modern pop music seems to lack. This Auckland Electronic Musician' aim has always been to produce music for films and advertising as well as full-length albums for music lovers to enjoy.

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Country New Zealand
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