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New York Disco Band 1

Get ready to dance with this New York Disco Band! Looking for some great entertainment? Get out your bell bottom jeans and polyester shirt! Recapture the days of Boogie Fever and do The Hustle to all of the top Disco hits of the 70's.

This 10 piece band comes complete with a horn section, four great vocalists and all the sequins that you can handle! This New York Disco Band really brings it with a power groove and power moves, uplifting the spirit of Disco Dancers everywhere.

Founded in New York, this New York Disco Band is loaded with great musicians with diverse backgrounds from Pop to Rock, Jazz, Blues and Classical. A perfect blend of musical personalities working harmoniously to recreate the sound, look and feel of the seventies with classic style, expert precision and fun, fun, fun!

From the moment this New York Disco Band hits the stage the energy is flowing, the lights are flashing and crowd is going wild! The music never stops as they glide from song to song playing hit after hit from all of your favorite dance classics. And these guy don't just play the usual songs. They have a great repertoire of hits that other bands have never even thought of playing!

New York Disco Band show

A great band, an awesome show and a wonderful nostalgic trip back to the 70's. Don't pass up an opportunity to see this New York Disco Band! You'll be dancing from the moment they take the stage, singing the songs for days and telling your friends about the greatest Disco band this side of the Mississippi!

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York

One response to “New York Disco Band 1”

  1. Phil Bryson says:

    “I just saw this act out at a mixed ages club called Port Jazz in Port Jefferson, Long Island and they were simply amazing…everyone young and old was dancing to this band ..they mustve gone on early, the mngt there arent’ too msart as the band was done right after midnite. Me and alot of other peoples there too wouldve danced all nite to them!…” – Phil Bryson

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