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Belgrade Cover Band 1

This Belgrade Cover Band would be a good it if you consider having a high quality, live, contemporary music in an affordable package, or if you already have music program in your venue and would like something new and different. They are an acoustic duo from Belgrade, jazz/blues musicians with 15 years of experience in performing music.

They play a wide range of popular music hits, in they special, unique arrangements. This Belgrade Cover Band's repertoire and types of covers vary from very energetic, power blues, rock and country pop, to soul, bossa nova, latin and jazz tunes, depending on the clients’ needs.

Belgrade Cover Band music

They do energetic shows, in bars, pubs and small clubs, with an accent on cheerful atmosphere and
bonding with the audience, but also we do classic jazz performances, creating soft background, elegant, smooth, lounge (cocktail) atmosphere, ideal for restaurants, receptions, corporate parties, hotels and casinos.

This Belgrade Cover Band is constantly expanding their repertoire, which consists of a large number of international hits of various genres - from jazz standards, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Beatles, Doors
and Led Zeppelin to Police, Prince, Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Adele...

Belgrade Cover Band style

They would like to introduce you to their unique style and energy and entertain you and your guests
with their performance, creating the right atmosphere.

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One response to “Belgrade Cover Band 1”

  1. Mladen M says:

    [This band] is a fantastic music experience! I’ve had a pleasure of enjoying their music more than once and I’m impressed with their unique covers, amazing voice and guitar arrangements. They create such a great atmosphere and their beautiful music make you want to come back for more!

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