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Dickens Carolers

Over the past twenty five years, the Dickens Carolers have become a local holiday tradition, bringing the joy of the season to thousands each year. Singing throughout the Northwest since 1978, they can assure you of a polished, professional performance.

Dickens Carolers attire

Adorned in elegant Victorian dress, each a cappella quartet consists of two ladies in luxurious velvet and two gentlemen wearing handsome tailcoats and top hats. Your holiday favorites, both traditional and contemporary, are sung in beautiful four-part harmony. The sights and sounds of the Dickens Carolers are indeed a holiday treat.

Whether an intimate family gathering or a large company party, indoors or out, they help make any event a memorable one.

Dickens Carolers options

Greeting: The Dickens Carolers often are placed at points of entry, singing, to establish a festive tone for the event.

Strolling/Background: They provide background music during a cocktail or social hour as guests are mingling.

Strolling Table to Table: The Dickens Carolers stroll amongst tables of dinner guests taking requests if guests show interest, which they most often do.

Concert: Sometimes the Dickens Carolers will perform a more presentational style during or after dessert, where they are the center of attention. This "concert" may also include requests, and perhaps a little sing along.

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3 responses to “Dickens Carolers”

  1. David says:

    These guys and gals are great. I enjoyed the full hour they sung and if I were hosting any event, I would definitely hire them. They sang a lot of tunes both old and new. My wife and I were really impressed with their performance. Their costumes are the old Victorian style, which they wear during the performance. It’s just really nice hearing them sing versus me singing and butchering the song(s) up. Happy Holidays! – David L.

  2. Debra says:

    My father hired them to surprise my mom at her 80th birthday party and they far exceeded our expectations! They engaged the spectators and their arrangements were so well done they sounded like they had more singers and instruments than they did. I would definitely recommend them and would hire them again! – Debra S.

  3. Mona says:

    Their singing is wonderful! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit. They are expressive and you can tell they are enjoying themselves and not just going through the motions. Their Victorian costumers were great – high quality and looked legit. If I have a holiday party next year at my home I’m going to hire them. – Mona N.

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