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Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band

The leader of this Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band was born and reared on the Banks of New Orleans. His music is so exciting and exhilarating, you just cannot get enough of it. This artist is a must see. His performances will have you out of your seats and coming back for more.

Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band leader

The leader of this Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band is a native of New Orleans Louisiana. He plays many other instruments, which include electric and acoustic guitars (6 and 12 string), banjo, mandolin, garmonica, slide flute, nose flute, bongos, percussion, bass, triangle (tetfer), spoons, scrubboard (frottier), squeezebox, and laterly his newest instruments: the ukelele and the dulcimer.

Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band leader

He also plays the steel island drums and bamboo xylophone! He also sings as the lead and do some background harmony vocals, and last but not least of course he plays the fiddle. The leader of this Tampa Cajun Zydeco Band must have ants in his pants, cause he can never stay in one spot for a long time!!!

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Country United States
City Tampa
State/Province Florida
Performer Type Musical Act

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