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Bullwhip Performer 1

This Bullwhip Performer is an internationally noted bullwhip expert who has presented performances, workshops and demonstrations across the United States and Canada, and in England.

A 3-time Guinness World Record holder for most bullwhip cracks in one minute (highest count: 254), he also is recipient of the Brian Chic Whip Artistry Award, given by the Society of American Whip Artistry.

Bullwhip Performer shows

With his partner, this Bullwhip Performer presents bullwhip shows of 5- to 20-minutes, using whips 5- to 10-feet long for both traditional stunts and 21st Century tricks performed by no other whip artists. They are self-contained, with their own sound system, licensed music, costumes, blacklights and props, and they perform indoors and outdoors, day or night, adapting the show to fit the space. They also present lessons, workshops and demos to individuals and groups, covering the physics, history, cultural impact and modern expressions of whip cracking (hobby, work, sport, performance, movie and more).

This Bullwhip Performer has cracked his whips on numerous TV shows, including Evening Magazine, Blind Date, Playboy TV's Night Calls, KTLA's Morning News, The Eclectic Mind, Envy TV, HBO's Real Sex, Blitz, Sin City, and others. He is featured in a number of books such as "Absinthe and Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously." He also has spoken about whip cracking on many radio programs, from Texas to Australia.

Bullwhip Performer performances

This Bullwhip Performer has appeared at circuses, at nightclubs, and on stages, and he has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Rex Features Syndicate, Minneapolis Star Tribune, St Paul Pioneer Press, Toronto Star, and many other publications.

The crack of a bullwhip creates an air of adventure. People turn their heads toward the sound, stand a little straighter and feel a sense of fun and danger -- and that's what this Bullwhip Performer can offer your audiences.

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