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Marco de Carvalho

Marco de Carvalho, a composer and arranger is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He now resides in Seattle.

He has played guitar for over thirty years. He plays an immense repertoire including bossa nova, samba, MPB, choro, classical and traditional jazz music as well as his own compositions. Marco de Carvalho holds a bachelor's degree in guitar performance from the Brazilian Music Conservatory, where he was taught by Juarez Carvalho, whom Marco considers his greatest mentor on the guitar.

Marco de Carvalho method

Under the tutelage of Juarez, this Seattle Brazilian Guitarist completed and now teaches the four volume “Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra” written by Emilio Pujol based on the principles of Francisco Tarrega a method considered to be the finest in the history of guitar.

Marco de Carvalho performances

Marco de Carvalho has studied and played with many great Brazilian musicians including Luiz Eca, Afonso Vieira, Lucas Robatto, Helio Delmiro, Ronaldo Miranda and samba singer Alcione. This Seattle Brazilian Guitarist also plays with some wonderful Seattle-based musicians including Hans Teuber, Geoff Harper, Tad Britton, Byron Vannoy, Guil Guimaraes, Buddy Catlett, Jeff Johnson, Lori Goldston and many others.

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5 responses to “Marco de Carvalho”

  1. Javier Ortiz says:

    Quick and to the Point: An hour-plus chilled Brazilian jazz affair.

    Brazilian guitarist Marco de Carvalho lays back on For the Moment, where he dwells almost exclusively in mounting relaxed grooves suffused with the endemic melodic tropical sensuousness so characteristic of his native country. Carvalho’s slow and mid tempo compositions rely on the sweetness of guitar and flute, with barely dressed arrangements exposing much classically-toned-jazzy skin without recurring to bare and smooth nakedness with the exception of the coolly tempered swing of “Fim De Ano,” the leisurely “J”, and the engaging “Follow the Feeling” featuring exquisite interplay between Carvalho, saxophonist and clarinetist Hans Teuber, and cellist Lori Goldston. Drum and guitar duos are featured on the beachy “Laid Back” and the brainier “Certeza.” “No Past Tense” is a flute and guitar duo firmly rooted in classical aesthetics, attesting to Carvalho’s education and craft in that field.

    As a guitarist Carvalho is cliche-free, non-flamboyant, and mature, with firm fingering, economical strumming, wealthy economic ideas and chords, and an understated yet firm sound. His compositions and arrangements, as well as the support of the other musicians involved, manage musical depth and expressiveness quite well; small group playing of this kind requires restraint, healthy breathing, and the capacity to say a lot with precious few notes. That and more the Carvalhistas do’

    By Javier AQ Ortiz, All About Jazz.

  2. Adam Greenburg says:

    For the Moment is an album of light Brazilian jazz from Rio-based composer/guitarist Marco de Carvalho, now living in Seattle. The mood is thoroughly laid-back (as the third track will confirm), with de Carvalho’s light guitar work dominating the proceedings, and some soft drumming from Tad Britton, and Daniel de Carvalho laying the rhythm at the base of the compositions. The backing musicians are a collection of Seattle-ites and Brazilians, with horn work coming from Seattle’s Hans Teuber, and the lighter wind coming from master flautist Lucas Robatto, out of Rio. While de Carvalho is constantly reminiscent of the days of Astrud Gilberto’s samba, he is never trying to emulate the sound entirely. It’s his own take on the basic framework of samba, with the guitar always standing as the worthy centerpiece. While jazz has moved forward from the samba days to a degree, this is a welcome return, making for some excellent lazy Sunday afternoon music. Pick it up for two reasons: the first being de Carvalho’s exceptional guitar ability as he picks carefully through the scales to fit the pieces, and the second being that this is an outstanding example of a contemporary piece of mood music, with the album making a coherent sound to play in the background of the end of a day easily.

    by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

  3. Gretchen says:

    Mr. de Carvalho was a consummate professional for our event. He is a remarkably talented musician and we received rave reviews from all who attended the party. We highly recommend Mr. de Carvalho – Gretchen G.

  4. Kevin says:

    Professionally, Marco was a pro – he was early to my event and easy to work with. Artistically, Marco was amazing! He was perfect for our event. I pass on my highest recommendation for Marco and I look forward to another opportunity for Marco’s talents. – Kevin H

  5. Ian says:

    Marco was absolutely wonderful. We had hired him for pre and post ceremony music at our wedding, and at the last minute a friend who was playing during the ceremony had to back out. Not only was Marco able to play that piece as well, he did a tremendous job. We were absolutely thrilled with Marco, and would give our unqualified recommendation to anyone looking to boor a guitarist. He was fabulous. – Ian C

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