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The crowd moves like the undulating sea to the driving rhythms, the brassy horns, and thundering bass as dancers and singers in vibrant, colorful costumes lift the energy off the ground and transport the audience to the country of Brazil. This Philadelphia Brazilian Band from Philadelphia is a thrilling, participatory event well suited to ballrooms of almost any size, as well as outdoor festivals and college venues.

Each event features a full range of authentic Brazilian Carnaval repertoire and other dance music presented by costumed performers. By varying the number of musicians, drummers and dancers in the company, the size and scope of the Carnaval can be adjusted to fit a variety of venues, audiences and budgets.

In every instance, the highest level of musicianship and professionalism are present to ensure an experience never to be forgotten. If you cannot get to Rio, this Philadelphia Brazilian Band is the next best alternative.

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Country United States
City Philadelphia
State/Province Pennsylvania

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