Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers 1

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Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers 1

These Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers have been featured as special guest dancers and choreographers on numerous national and international stages, films, TV shows, commercials and music videos. They are also the artistic directors and choreographers of their own 70- member dance company, which specializes in Dances of India and Dances of the Middle East. Their company is the first professional dance company of its kind in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers performances

Based in Hollywood, CA, these Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers have performed live stage shows for royalty, dignitaries, and world renowned artists and celebrities including former Prime Ministers of India and Lebanon, Eddie Murphy, Sting, Antonio Bandaras, Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman, Tim Burton, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Hugh Hefner, and at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding reception. Some television credits include Academy Awards, Disney’s Big Time Rush, Live with Regis and Kelly, Tracy Ullman, Dancing with the Stars, The View, American Music Awards, and CBS The Early Show.

Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers shows

These Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers have also been the center of Hollywood's TV gossip and news shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Extra, E!, and several segments on both CNN and VH-1. They have also made their mark on worldwide television networks including BBC (UK), CTV (Canada), Univision (Latin), Zee TV (India), Sony (India), RTN (Russia) and international publications including India Today, Hello, Australia’s Harper Bazaar, and Femina. They have made special appearances in dozens of music videos for many artists including Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Dr. Dre, and Aerosmith as well as the recent “Miracle Worker” starring Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, AR Rahman, and Damien Marley. These Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers graced the pages of numerous magazine and newspaper articles in publications including InStyle, YM, Time, Muscle & Fitness, New York Daily News, and FIT.

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9 responses to “Los Angeles Bollywood Dancers 1”

  1. Eva Mendez says:

    “I’ve seen a ton of Broadway shows, this show doesn’t fail in comparison!…It’s sexy and fabulous!” – Eva Mendez, actress

  2. Steven Tyler says:

    “….They were the just the right spice – the Vindaloo, if you will – for the curry we dished out at the American Music Awards.” – Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

  3. Danny Elfman says:

    “Seeing [them] dance was all the encouragement I needed to get on a plane & head straight for Bombay. They’re AMAZING!” – Danny Elfman (Spiderman, Milk, The Simpsons)

  4. Jeff O'Connell says:

    “Having a reputation of only excellence in performance, authenticity, and high production quality, [they] could only give out nothing short of a 10…” – Jeff O’Connell, editor-in-chief and executive writer (NY bestseller LLCool J, Mario Lopez)

  5. Dan Held says:

    I just wanted to again express my appreciation for all the hard work you did in helping to make the Choice Hotels Night of Stars Festival welcome party such a success… you helped make me look good to my associates. Your choreography and the fabulous costumes added a very special celebration to the evening ….You guys made the party. I look forward to having the opportunity of working with you again.” – Dan Held | Vice President New Business Development | ADM Productions, Inc.

  6. Richard Jones says:

    “Their show should be on Broadway!” – Richard Jones, show producer

  7. Pradeep Shah says:

    “I’ve seen a lot of Bollywood shows, but never have I seen anything so captivating, innovative, or creative as [this] show of Bollywood. The Bollywood stars in India have some real competition.” – Pradeep Shah, patron

  8. Greer says:

    A very successful event. Thank you and the beautiful dancers. With appreciation,
    Greer S.

  9. Jenna says:

    “Besides being completely talented & sexy dancers, they’re totally with-it chicks! They’re GREAT!”
    Jenna Elfman

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