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Boston Blues Band 1

This Boston Blues Band is an inspired trio and sometimes a quartet. The leader's unique guitar style channels such slide greats as Elmore James and Duane Allman. Uniformly, listeners are amazed at the big sound of the band. Many have compared his style to that of the early Stevie Ray Vaughan because of his ability to combine lead and rhythm guitar. He is also a gifted and prolific song-writer.

The leader of this Boston Blues Band grew up listening to Hank Williams, so that's probably where he got his influence on slide guitar. There was a lot of James Brown around the house as well, so you know he heard the funky stuff. All is evident on his latest release available on itunes.

He started playing guitar in the 1969. A short stint at Berklee served him well. In the the early 70s, he played with the R&B band "Sandra and the Melodies", as well as several other local bands throughout Boston, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

After a few years of mostly writing and recording his own material, the leader of this Boston Blues Band went back to the live scene.

Boston Blues Band bassist

The Boston Blues Band's bassist is about as rhythmic, melodic, stompin' and R&B as you wanna hear!
She's spent a good many years in Texas...Whaddya'll expect? 'Nuff said. She also Produced the CD as well as designed the wonderful cover, including artwork. We're pretty lucky to have her.

Boston Blues Band drummer

The Boston Blues Band's drummer is as cool a cat as you'll see behind the skins. Pay close attention to him at the live shows,you'll see some "entertaining" moves back there. He is as good as it gets.

When a quartet is required or requested, this Boston Blues Band adds a keyboardist. Although you could call him the oldest, they have played together in the past. He has also done stints with Shirley Lewis as well. When they're not playing as a trio you'll find him back there on a Hammond XK-2 and a Kurzweil keyboard.

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Country United States
City Boston
State/Province Massachusetts

4 responses to “Boston Blues Band 1”

  1. Metronome Magazine says:

    “The Blues is a major catalyst behind [his] life and personality. He is a consummate slide guitarist, tradition-bound songcrafter and fine singer of the idiom,The real deal.” BRIAN O, METRONOME MAGAZINE

  2. Boston Blues Society says:

    “His playing is a bit Elmore James and a bit George Thorogood, and his band… explodes behind him and they tightly set the stage for [him] to show off his talents.” AJ WACHTEL, BOSTON BLUES SOCIETY

  3. Eric Kilburn says:

    “[This band] delivers the sound and spirit of a real roadhouse blues trio,raw heartfelt songs,no-holds barred solos and locked in bass and drum parts,all played with the a spirit that’s hard to find in today’s music scene…..this band is the real deal”……. – ERIC KILBURN,WELLSPRING SOUND

  4. Peter Black says:

    “A smokin’ blues band with killer slide” – PETER BLACK, WATD 95.9 FM

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