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Duo Reves

Internationally acclaimed Duo Reves is the creative collaboration between Quynbi, named "one of the aerial world's most glamorous artists" by Aerial Arts International Magazine, and her husband Eric, award-winning performer, choreographer, and director. Dazzling audiences on stage and screen, they are thrilled to bring dramatic spectacle to your venue with death-defying aerial acts, imaginative shadow theatre, and romantic chemistry that's sure to stir the heart.

Duo Reves performance

Duo Reves performs together with impeccable style, glamorous levity, amazing strength, and unrivaled grace. Eric and Quynbi appear in various incarnations as aerialists, dancers, acrobats, shadow theatre artists, jugglers, hand balancers, and always as purveyors of dreams. Their whirlwind forty-five minute aerial/shadow theatre show, 'Into the Dreaming', as seen on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, tells the inspiring tale of brave hunter-warrior Amaru, called to consult with the Oracle Ziana, in a critical quest to resurrect his ailing village. Together, they traverse the fantastic dreamscape of The Dreaming, ferrying art and love across oceans, dungeons, mountains and temples to bring hope and salvation to the world. Meanwhile Idta, Queen of Nightmares, is close on their heels.

Duo Reves modeling

In their modeling work, Duo Reves appears in an extensive catalogue of still images. Photos of their 'Into the Dreaming' act, Ziana's Gem, captured by world-famous photographer Jiamin Zhu, are featured in Vogue Italia. Working with Rick Steves' photojournalist Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli, Quynbi posed on an illuminated 3Form/Light Art sculpture rigged from the ceiling - resulting in stellar images and a commercial for the company.

Duo Reves has performed together as aerial dancers at venues ranging from parks, lounges, nightclubs and casinos to stages as prestigious as Seattle's world famous Moisture Festival, Broadway Theatres and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Their imaginative invented aerial apparatuses include the Aerial Dreamcatcher, a hybrid lyra/aerial straps/sling contraption, and the Dragonfly, their signature apparatus, the only one of its kind in the world. This spinning structure has been compared to a silken aerial chandelier and a colorful tropical fish.

Critical acclaim for Duo Reves is overwhelmingly favorable. Edward S. Kozumi poetically describes Eric and Quynbi as "abiding in a world of dramatic radiance and diminished gravity", while Ballet Master Finis Jhung comments he was "hypnotized" after viewing the aerialists' Dragonfly act. Artistic Director at Pacific Ballroom Dance Garrett Gibbons writes about the Duo's "magical...entrancing performance" following their presentation at Season of Light.

Eric has appeared multiple times upon the stages of Seattle Opera, 5th Avenue Theatre, ACT Theatre, and Teatro ZinZanni. He has also written, directed, produced, and starred in numerous films by Stardust Particles. Complimenting his skill as an aerialist, Eric is also a gifted composer (creating original music for Duo Rêves), Wushu practitioner, rigging specialist, and visual artist.

Quynbi created a space-themed aerial silks act at the Museum of Flight for renowned astronauts Bonnie Dunbar and George "Pinky" Nelson. The aerialist and astronauts alike shared a mutual admiration, trading insider tales of lofty ceilings and spaceship society. Quynbi has also made solo appearances at Teatro ZinZanni, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, the Seattle Art Museum and Bellevue Art Museum, the Moore Theatre, and numerous television, film and print work. She is the subject in the books "Quynbi: 2010-2012" and "Quynbi: Visual Art". In addition to her performance work, Quynbi is also a published writer, licensed skydiver, exhibited visual artist, and former tattoo artist.

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