Los Angeles 80s Band 2

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Los Angeles 80s Band 2

This Los Angeles 80s Band plays the most recognizable, the most danceable and the all out smash hits of the 1980’s. They are a high energy, action-packed live band that combines great dance moves, hilarious onstage comedy and 80’s costumes that will take you back to a decade of music that may be more popular today than it was back then.

This Los Angeles 80s Band plays popular hit songs from bands like Journey, The Clash, Wham, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Joan Jett and Madonna — just to name a few! They are sure to play something for everyone. If you like the clean-cut New Wave classics with sport coats and tight jeans, or you’re more into the Rock and Roll anthems of a decade with big hair, big noise and big attitudes, they will be sure to fill your need for everything 80’s.

Los Angeles 80s Band members

The lead singer brings the swagger of David Lee Roth and the sultry song styles of Steve Perry to the stage. The guitarist chops his way through face- melting guitar solos and will have the crowd rockin’ all night, until his mom comes to pick him up in her minivan! The bassist may take time out to fix your hair or critique your fashion sense, but it’s a good thing — he is the resident stylist; and when he speaks, you will listen. Why does the drummer looks like a superhero? “Because someone has to make this town safe for rock and roll again!”

This Los Angeles 80s Band, always a party, sounding as good as the originals. A band that brings life and passion to music so popular and so much fun. The Ultimate 80’s Band.

Los Angeles 80s Band clients

• British American Business Council
• Calgary Stampede
• Casa Del Mar Santa Monica
• Children’s Hospital Orange County
• City of Santa Clarita
• Clear Channel
• Hermosa Beach School District
• Home Depot Center
• Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer
• Maersk Shipping Line
• NLA Sports
• Princess Cruises
• SBE Group
• Sheraton Hotels
• Star 98.7 F.M.
• Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity
• The Dolce Group
• University of Southern California

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