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Seattle Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 7,810 user views 1 reviews

This Seattle Barbershop Quartet is a Barbershop group based in Seattle and a is a very entertaining group. Their songs are "mature", but not ancient. They are not out to break your eardrums. And somet...


Toronto Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 4,245 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Barbershop Quartet journey began on a fateful August 2011 afternoon, when then-baritone Seth decided to send out a persuasively worded (we’ll let him think) e-mail, wondering whether To...


Indianapolis Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 10,040 user views 0 reviews

The men of this Indianapolis Barbershop Quartet bring many years of barbershop experience to the stage. All four are members of a barbershop chorus, and they first sang together after a chorus rehear...


Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 8,055 user views 1 reviews

This Atlanta Barbershop Quartet is a very entertaining quartet whose melodious, nostalgic chords charm audiences in the classic American style of four-part, a cappella harmony. The foursome entertain ...


Toronto Barbershop Quartet 3

  • 6,601 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Barbershop Quartet was formed in 2006. Collectively, these four close friends have over 100 years of vocal harmony experience, including barbershop, jazz, spiritual, community choral and ...


Indianapolis Barbershop Quartet 2

  • 6,080 user views 2 reviews

This Indianapolis Barbershop Quartet is proud of the fact that when you add up the ages of all four members, it will total over two hundred eighty seven (287) years!!...


San Francisco Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 5,336 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Barbershop Quartet serves up a tuneful selection of songs guaranteed to entertain. They sing in styles ranging from classic Barbershop (Lyda Rose, Wild Irish Rose, and countless oth...


Phoenix Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 4,578 user views 0 reviews

This Phoenix Barbershop Quartet is the right quartet is your looking for entertainment at your next social event, business meeting, or any gathering of people, where you want 10 hear great music sung ...


Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 2

  • 4,321 user views 0 reviews

This Atlanta Barbershop Quartet is Atlanta's hottest new talent featuring four wonderful singers. These guys are known for their all-around talent of entertainment with comedy, gospel and western song...


Madrid Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 4,904 user views 0 reviews

This Madrid Barbershop Quartet started in 1996. They have performed in Madrid, Oviedo, Bilbao and Barcelona. In October 2007 they went to the Germany “Harmony College” where emblematic “barbersh...


New York Barbershop Quartet 1

  • 4,987 user views 0 reviews

This New York Barbershop Quartet is an award-winning a cappella quartet of music educators from New York City. They sing primarily in the barbershop style and demonstrate how close harmony can be appl...


Phoenix Barbershop Quartet 2

  • 799 user views 5 reviews

What do you get when you combine three strong, bright, lead voices with a rumbling bass voice? You get this Phoenix Barbershop Quartet, of course! The quartet formed in March of 2011, and one month la...