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It's getting late, but the celebration's far from over. The crowd chants for more, and Balkanarama launches another wild Gypsy rumba. The horn players swap sizzling solos, and the dancers start shakin' it. It's another Saturday night with this band.

Balkanarama music

They are among the leading North American interpreters of contemporary Balkan music, from ancient Romany ballads to modern Bulgarian video hits. Balkanarama gives them a flavor all their own on sax, clarinet, guitar and violin with four soulful voices, powered by a nonstop dance beat on synth, bass and drums.

Balkanarama repertoire

They have been arousing audiences at clubs, festivals, weddings and parties in the Pacific Northwest since 1997. With a repertoire of 100 songs, they can lay down a killer club set, present a formal concert or play all night for a Bulgarian wedding. Balkanarama especially likes introducing Balkan Gypsy party music to audiences who've never heard it before.

Wherever Balkanarama plays, people get up and dance. And first-timers always join in, because they mostly play easy dances that anyone can pick up on the spot. Basic rock 'n' roll dancing works just fine.

Northwest Folklife
Fremont Fair (main stage), Seattle
University District Street Fair
Ethnic Heritage Festival
Crocodile Cafe (International Rescue Committee benefit)
Porta Greek Taverna
The Rainbow
Georgia's Greek Restaurant
Zig Zag Cafe
Cafe Solstice
Old Town Alehouse
Mr. Spot's Chai House
Third Place Books
Bellingham Folk Dancers
Bulgarian New Year's Eve party for Seattle Bulgarians
SecondStory Repertory
University of Oregon, Eugene
Reed College
balkanalia! camp hosted by East European Folklife Center
Crossroads Center music stage, Bellevue
Seattle Folkdance Festival
Bellingham Folk Dancers
University Folk Dancers
Balkan New Year's Eve parties, 1997-2001
Bulgarian and Greek weddings in Washington and British Columbia

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