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This six-piece band plays music inspired by the rhythms of Southern and Western Africa. Their mix of traditional and original African-themed music is infectious, igniting rhythmic fire within the hearts and souls of their audience.

Each performance is a celebratory event, a tribal atmosphere of good will and positive vibrations. Combining mbira (Zimbabwean kalimba), marimba (African xylophone), hand drums, saxophone, pennywhistle and vocal harmonies, the group creates a unique and varied sound. It is a sound which moves and delights their audiences, making them revelers.

The band's repertoire consists of traditional songs from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Guinea and Ghana, songs passed on by master musicians from Africa. Many of their mbira-based songs date back hundreds of years and are used for healing purposes and spiritual ceremonies in Zimbabwe. The group also performs their own original material based upon these African traditions.

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Country United States
City Portland
State/Province Oregon
Performer Type Musical Act

5 responses to “Portland World Band 1”

  1. Millions says:

    “[This band] is a delight to the ear and eye that MAKES YOU WANT TO DANCE. This African-costumed band’s stage behavior is FUN to watch, and you can count on these pros to give a GREAT performance. They were the highlight of the 2005 Wilsonville Festival of Arts!” – Theonie Gilmore, Executive Director, Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council

  2. Millions says:

    “A rhythm-centric party!” – The Oregonian A&E, 3/31/06

  3. David says:

    “It was a great pleasure for all of us at ISOSU [International Students of Oregon State University] to be able to see you exhibit your culture through song and music, the crowd really enjoyed all that you had to offer and it was a wonderful program thanks to your contribution.” – David “Bruce” Ni, ISOSU Coordinator of Events

  4. Millions says:

    “Very talented and gifted musicians… I enthusiastically recommend individuals and organizations looking to bring a live musical performance to their campus to consider [this band].” – Heather Flynn, Director of Student Services, Linfield College – Portland Campus

  5. Millions says:

    “Their performance was a delight.” – John Donovan, Metro Council Communications Officer

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