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Miami World Band 1

The leader of this Miami World Band was born and raised between what she describes as “the best of both worlds” in her native Havana, Cuba and a multi-cultural Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a musical home environment, she gained experience from a very young age and learned how important it is to be persistent and motivated from whom she admires the most-- her mother and father.

This pianist, vocalist and composer, along with her extraordinary instrumental abilities, has a unique sound, and a stunning presence. The leader of this Miami World Band gives Cuban music a fresh new take with 
her exceptional musicality. Her idea in music, evolved from her trademark, positive and inspiring lyrics and melodies for all ages, pop-soul hooks and funk-jazz influenced arrangements defy generally held notions of what Cuban music is and defines her truly genuine and real sound. Her music reflects what she is: a strong academic trained musician transcending frontiers and a role model for future generations.

Miami World Band studies

The leader of this Miami World Band began musical training at age 7 in Cuba's Music Conservatory Education System, and at the same time performing with her mother and her band. In 1998, she moved with her parents to Toronto, Canada, to continue her high school studies and classical training, under scholarship at the ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (TORONTO). Instructed by John Alonso, she performed as a soloist accompanied for the first time by the Counterpoint Community Orchestra conducted by Terry Kowalczuc.

She continued her education and graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FACULTY OF MUSIC's Classical Performance Program, where she studied with Prof. Marietta Orlov and DR. James Parker (Gryphon Trio), followed by a completion of a Masters Degree in Arts (Ethnomusicology and Performance from Toronto's YORK UNIVERSITY. She continues to work on different projects, trying to unveil all the possibilities of her training and experience.

In 2009, she released a live solo recital recorded album of Cuban Classical Piano Repertoire. This was followed by her official debut album in 2010. In 2012, her music was selected to be a feature in the Beaches Jazz Festival “New Generation” Compilation CD.

The leader of this Miami World Band's experience as a session musician, educator and performer, has crossed barriers and frontiers, thus being able to collaborate with musicians from different cultures, ages, and music genres, the same is said for the audiences and places she has taken her music to.

Since her early years in music, she has had one of the greatest pleasures of being part of her mother band; first as a synth/keyboard player, where her father is musical director and drummer. She had the chance to learn from every musician in the band who were her what she calls “street music school teachers”. Then she moved on to be the pianist and for the first time leader of her parent's band.

Then, in Toronto, the family decided to create a network of young musicians and artists from different cultures where they could each express themselves and collaborate. This beautiful project gave this artist the tools to expand her knowledge in leading and arranging for various band instrumentations, since there were no limits to the creativity and ideas. The concert series of the NCG project involved live music, live painting, spoken word, dance and more.

At the same time she became an educator at her parents' founded Cuban Percussion School Workshops and while attending University, she also held a position as a music educator at Yamaha Music School. “I love composing, and I also enjoy performing and recording, but I truly love to teach, encourage, nurture and inspire younger generations, this is something I inherited from my parents”

Miami World Band projects

Other projects the leader of this Miami World Band has been involved in, includes Paul Quarrington's Short Film Soundtrack Pavane, where producer Dave Gray invited to such a wonderful project, a collaboration that later led to her debut album in 2010. She was a feature guest by STARVOX Entertainmnent's Corey Ross, to join the Tropicana Cabaret Big Band tour in Canada in 2006. Dave Gray and late Billy Bryans, colleagues, friends and former founders of Canadian Parachute Club Band invited her to be part of the beautiful band reunion.

Among her collaborations on stage, in studio or in the classroom, include Toronto's ECHO Women Choir, Axis Music (promote equal access to music instruction, artistic engagement, creativity and musical performances), Leonardo Timor's Miami Big Band Project, Popular music singer-songwriters Carlos Baute, Angel Arce, El Mola, Willie Panama, Malena Burke, Yoyi Soler Quintet, Conjunto Progresso, Alfredo de la Fe, Luis Bofill, The Alexis Valdes Band, EBS (El Buen Samaritano) Band, among others, and a special first songwriting collaboration credit with Amaury Gutierrez.

She has performed at Lula Lounge Toronto World Music Festival, Trane Studio Piano Series, Beaches Jazz Festival, Distillery Jazz Festival, TD Jazz Festival, MOD Club Toronto, Riva del Garda Music Festival (Italy), Belgium Jazz Festival, ASCAP Showcase, Miami Music Festival, Van Dyke Cafe in Miami.

Because an artist never stops from evolving, developing and renewing, the leader of this Miami World Band at the moment holds a teaching position at Miami Conservatory of Music, continues to compose, songwriting, recording and preparing surprises that as she positively says “will be coming soon to a venue near you”.

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