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Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental 2

So you are asking yourself, why should I have a photo booth at my wedding? What is so great about it? And how does it work? Well, the photo booth satisfies everyone’s desire to take hundreds of pictures all dressed up. It provides a unique experience and can capture moments that photographers practice for years to be able to capture. We guarantee that no photo booth takes pictures like our booths.

A photo booth at your next wedding, would contest to be one of the most exciting attractions there. All of your guests will be amazed with the incredible picture quality and quick development of the photos. The best part is that the photo booth is great for all ages.

Your parents and grandparents will marvel at how this is the same style booth they took pictures together in at the boardwalk in the good old days. Kids will love that they can grab their friends and take as many pictures as they want for free. Free pictures, that’s right, when you rent a photo booth you receive an unlimited amount of pictures at no additional cost.

Photo booth photographs also make wonderful gifts. Beforehand, you can take photos of the happy newlyweds, or the beautiful birthday girl, frame them, and give them away as gifts or souvenirs. This Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company can also make a scrapbook throughout the party with pictures from all the guests. Since you guests will be able to take as many pictures as they like, we do ask that they leave at least one strip for the scrapbook and write a message next to it.

Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental experience

We are a Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company with worlds of experience, so you will never be disappointed. Our satisfied patrons nationwide include CNN, Chinese Laundry, Platinum Publicity, Playboy, Heavy.com, Fox Cable Network and many more.

The booth will be brought to your banquet hall or location and will be set up and supervised by one of our many professionally trained technicians.

Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental entertaining

Photo booths are great because they provide hours of entertainment. Guests can get creative with their photos by using props such as hats, glasses, flowers and more. They can be decorated to satisfy the needs of the party and can conform to most any theme.

So what are you waiting for? Use this Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company and capture the smiles of happy guests by renting a photo booth for your next event today.


This Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company is the only company in most areas that has a real vintage photobooth. Our classic booths use 60+ year old technology. Each booth is refurbished and maintained and still uses the vintage equipment and technology to produce photos on film through a real developing process.

Our classic booth develops a strip of 4 pictures (color or black/white) with 4 different poses. Singles, couples as well as groups can join in the photo fun. The classic color booth has an option of blue, red or white backgrounds. The black and white classic booth also has an option of a background although it comes up in grey scale. The classic booth can be customized by either placing a logo on the pictures, wrapping the booth or having a custom background for the picture. Wrapping the photo booth is when you give us a graphic and we print and install it on all sides of the photo booth.


Our professional digital photobooth for rent uses some of the best equipment out there to produce digital photos. Our digital booth is a real photo booth where you and your fellow picture takers are alone in the booth to be as real and as outgoing as you choose. The on screen instructions tell you exactly what to do and you are on your own from there.

The digital booth can take either black & white or color photos. Guests select their choice via the on-screen instructions. The digital booth prints duplicates of every picture taken in the booth. Also, this Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company can customize the digital booth by putting a logo on the picture, or custom wrapping it to create a look that is unique to your event.

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