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Florida Voice Over Artist 1

This Florida Voice Over Artist is a freelance voice-over artist and voice actress located in north Florida. She is also a trained actor with over 10 years of stage and improv experience.

Her father was News Director at a large radio station in New England for almost 30 years, and much of her childhood was spent “playing radio” with station equipment and pulling the tape out of cassettes. From a very early age, she was able to convey emotion through reading aloud, while other children her age were still learning to read.

Florida Voice Over Artist debut

This Florida Voice Over Artist theatrical debut at 6 years old, was playing the Goose in “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg.” This role gave her the acting bug, and she became what the cool kids deemed, a “theater nerd.” She went on to study Drama and Elementary Education in college. She has since gone on to much larger leading roles, her most recent being The Witch in Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”

Florida Voice Over Artist career change

Deciding to take a break from the rigorous stage life, she used her radio and theatrical background to launch a voice-over career. This Florida Voice Over Artist now works full-time from her home studio in beautiful northern Florida.

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City Orlando
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3 responses to “Florida Voice Over Artist 1”

  1. Liam Reddington says:

    “I couldn’t be happier with her contribution to my project, she’s given a whole new level of personality and believability to the character she has voiced. It would be such a privilege to work with [this artist] again on future projects!” – Liam Reddington — What Pixel You On Game Development

  2. Cody Vibbart says:

    “[She] is absolutely great to work with. My expectations were exceeded and I am very pleased with the quality of her work. I will be keeping her in mind for future projects. Thanks!” – Cody Vibbart — CuzProductions

  3. Joe Martin says:

    “We needed a fantastic voice to introduce our podcast, and [she] went out of her way to give me something beyond my expectations. She’s an absolute joy to work with, and will be contacting her again for more in the future.” – Joe Martin — TalkAboutComics.blogspot.com and JoeRocksArt.com

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