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Tina Turner Tribute Singer

This Tina Turner Tribute Singer was born in Trinidad. She comes from an island of sun and color, music and carnival : a land where people know how to have a good time. The sixth in a family of seven, she has a mixture of Bolivian, Scottish, Irish and Indian running through her veins : an explosive combination !

During her childhood, thanks to her mother’s piano playing, this Tina Turner Tribute Singer sang along to all the popular standards and early on, discovers a passion for Soul, RnB, Rock… and the divas of pop and jazz. At 18 she moves to London and becomes the lead singer of an original composition pop/reggae group where her first show takes place at the mythic London Marquée !

Tina Turner Tribute Singer credits

She meets other musicians, and auditions for an American group, the Platters. The lead singer at the time, Ernest Wright, former member of “Little Antony and the Imperials (“Tears on My Pillow”), had just taken over from Tony Williams, too ill to continue touring. Kenny Seymour (also ex” Little Antony”) and John Cheatdom (The Velours) completed the lineup. In the company of these stars who grew up singing ‘doowop’ and tap dancing on the street corners of Harlem, this Tina Turner Tribute Singer learns first hand of the era of the Apollo club, the Alan Freed tour, their stories of other great artists : Ray Charles, the Supremes, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder.

Tina Turner Tribute Singer tours

For 14 years she tours over 30 countries with this group whose departure point, thanks to a Belgian manager, was ‘le plat pays’. On tour she composes but never finds the time to record until she takes the decision to leave the group, join forces with Mick, and record “Another Woman” (Bang), On stage he sings the Rolling Stones and this Tina Turner Tribute Singer sings Tina Turner, so the band was born.

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