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Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band 1

This Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band will wow you with their musical and vocal abilities. These talented women have spent years as true-blue Eagles fans, and have brought the Eagles music to life with vivid accuracy and real passion.

Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band members

The leader of this Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band is a charismatic vocalist and guitarist who captures the crowd with her stage presence and sings most of the lead vocals and acoustic guitars. She uses her unique raspy voice to deliver hits like Hotel California, Life In The Fast Lane, and Heartache Tonight with passion, guaranteed to get crowds of all ages singing along.

The drummer is an extraordinary drummer and lead vocalist in true Don Henley fashion! She steps out from behind the drum set to deliver an amazing rendition of Desperado, and will wow you with her Witchy Woman.

The two lead guitarists are draw-dropping guitarists who nail all the Eagle guitar parts and solos, often doubled and in harmony! One of the guitarists is another strong singer, taking lead on several songs, including the rocker Get Over It and the sexy Victim Of Love. She plays an impressive collection of guitars, and has mastered the talk box along with many other guitar effects.

The bassist adds harmony vocals throughout the show and is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays keyboards and drums.

The sixth member of this Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band is a strong harmony vocalist and adds keyboard, strings, and piano. She sings lead on Tequila Sunrise and steps out front to sing lead on Those Shoes.

Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band show

This Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band puts on a non-stop show, covering all the Eagles hits, keeping the audience constantly entertained and engaged by switching lead singers and even switching instruments. Clearly, all these women have star quality, but together, they make a top-notch tribute to one of the most legendary bands of all time.

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